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Pet of the Week: February 24th-March 3rd: TEENSIE



Breed: Yorkshire Terrier (Purebred!)
Weight: 7.5 Pounds
Age: 10 years

Special Considerations: Teensie is a senior pet, which means she needs someone with a great big heart to take her in! But don’t worry—even though she is a senior, based on the way she acts, you would never know it! She is so full of life, and she prances just like a puppy (on her most adorable tiny feet)! She has a clean bill of health from the veterinarian, who still can’t believe she is actually 10 years old. Bonus: Yorkshire Terriers are one of the longest-lived breeds of dogs, usually living well into the teen years. So this baby has a long life ahead of her!

Activity level: Teensie has a mild energy level. She actually loves her little walks, but she isn’t necessarily interested in training for any marathons!

Temperament: Teensie is incredibly loving! She adores everyone, and she is one of the kindest dogs you will ever meet. Despite her tiny diva-like appearance, Teensie is actually very down to earth…she is not an attention seeker, and she is perfectly content to just sit beside you quietly rather than being held constantly. She is also very quiet and rarely even barks!

Good with kids?: Yes! Teensie is very gentle, and she would be the perfect addition to a family with kids, as long as kids are taught to be equally as gentle!

Good with other pets?: Yes! Teensie is currently being fostered with other pets, and she is around any and all kinds of them at our adoption events and does just fine!

Ideal family: Teensie would make a wonderful pet for a family with children! Can you imagine a better way to teach kids about compassion and empathy than by rescuing a senior pet? She is so gentle and so loving, there simply could be no better addition to the family! Teensie would also make an absolute perfect companion for anyone who is just looking for a sweetheart to share their love with! And, for some reason, Teensie just adores men! This chickadee is just one cool little dog, and there’s no rulebook that says teacup pups are in any way unmanly!

Ideal day: Teensie would love to begin her day with some warm morning cuddles, followed by breakfast and a short walk. She will occupy herself quietly while you go to work, and give you the warmest welcome on her tiny prancing feet when you come home! She will sit beside you adoringly while you catch up on your reading of any and all James Patterson novels, and finally, she will show off her cuteness of the highest degree when her sweet little face closes its eyes to rest up for another fun day of wiggles and cutiepootery!

Attention level required: Teensie loves to be adored and petted, but she will be perfectly content to rest up fully for these things while you are off at work! (Just bring home a treat for Teensie, maybe?).

Housetrained?: Teensie is paper trained; however, because she came from a home where her elderly owner was not able to take her outside properly, she will need some extra attention when it comes to housetraining. So be patient, and she will get the hang of it in no time!

Space needed: Not a whole lot! Teensie is…well, teensie, so she would fit perfectly in a small apartment.

Previous experience needed?: The only thing Teensie needs a little extra help with is housetraining. Other than that, there is no reason why she would need an “experienced” dog owner. In fact, Teensie’s foster mom says she is one of the easiest dogs to care for she has ever had!

The best thing about Teensie: Teensie’s foster mom says her favorite thing about Teensie is that she just has tons of personality! She is so very loving, and she is so full of life! Teensie has an incredibly soulful face, and she has the most adorable little overbite you have ever seen! Her look is just as unique as her personality, and the overall combo just makes for one perfect little dog! As hard as we try, words simply cannot describe how wonderful this dog is! You simply have to meet her! Just one look into this sweet face, and your heart will swell to three times its normal size! (Trust us, it has happened to us already!) And the best part is, adopting a senior like Teensie will truly be one of the most rewarding experiences of your entire life.

A.A.R.F. Purchases Transport Vehicle-Thanks to PETCO Foundation

Thanks to the support of the PETCO foundation, A.A.R.F. has purchased a transport vehicle to assist in relocating animals from the full shelters in the upper cumberland to empty shelters in the north.  Thanks to Cookeville Nissan’s Jeff Lichtle for his awesome service and the GREAT DEAL we received on this van!  We will be having the van wrapped shortly!

PETCO Foundation Awards A.A.R.F. $45,000 Grant to Purchase Transport Vehicle!

A BIG THANKS to The PETCO Foundation for their MORE than GENEROUS $45,000 contribution to fund the beginning of our northern transort program.  Letters of recommendation written by Store Manager Kelly Darty, Assistant Store Manager Megan Arnold and staff at PETCO store 1637 – our grant request was approved, and we are in receipt of the funds for our transport vehicle. 

We expect to transport approximately 3000 animals a year out of the Upper Cumberland to Empty Shelters in the north.  If you operate a rescue or shelter in the 14 counties within the upper cumberland  and need transport assistance, please contact us at

Dogs Rescued From Hoarding Situation In Cumberland County

Cumberland County Animal Control, Cumberland County Sheriff’s Department and the Humane Society of the United Stated led the effort yesterday to rescue 33+ dogs from a suspect hoarding case in Cumberland County.  A.A.R.F. was called late Monday asking for assistance with this case.  Jennifer Farley and Linda Randall were on the scene for most of the day yesterday, assisting with socializing dogs and rescuing 7 dogs into the A.A.R.F. program.  The worst case, “Windy”, is a white pit bull mix who is severely underweight, malnourished, covered in gashes, and has a serious bacterial skin infection. Windy was thought to be 19 years old as stated by the property owners.  Upon further investigation by Dr. Barker with Copeland Veterinary Hospital, also on the scene, it was determined that Windy is just 2 years young!   Jackie Baker with Wags and Whiskers Spay Neuter Advocates is fostering her at the present time.  Others rescued are Bucky, a male beagle hound mix; Daisy Dukes, a female chihuahua; Roxy, a female brindle feist mix; Piper, a female black and white boxer mix; Xorro, a male black and tan chihuahua; and Buck, a male deer chihuahua. 

We are in need of financial support to pay for the needed veterinary care for these animals.  Please visit to make your tax deductible donations to assist these animals in getting the care that they need. 

Please Donate to help Charity

Charity is a sweet 5 year young female maltese mix that found in rural white county.  She arrived at the shelter there, and Shelter Manager Ronni Connely called in a panic, asking for assistance.  Charity was transported to us immediately.  Upon evaluation, we confirmed that Charity had chewed part of her leg completely off.    She was covered in matts, had multiple flea and bug colonies living in her coat – but when our director picked her up, she cradled up against her and sighed a big, heavy sigh…as if she knew she was now safe. 

Charity went to see Dr. Parker with Best Friends Veterinary Hospital, where it was determined that the leg was severely infected and most of the leg would need to be removed.  In addition, she would need a complete dental as her teeth were in terrible shape, along with the standard spay protocol that A.A.R.F. has.  Ironically, she was already spayed as discovered by Dr. Parker prior to cutting her open! 

Charity recovered from her surgery and became best friends with the Best Friends Staff!  She is very loveable and sweet, and loves to snuggle against you and be carried around.  A.A.R.F. received our $600+ bill and began fundraising plans to save enough money to pay it. 

Shortly thereafter, the Doctor watched Charity walk for the first time since removing her leg – and her achilles tendon in her other leg is not functioning properly.  We are now trying to determine if it is in Charity’s best interest to have a surgical procedure which “freezes” the tendon in place, or if she should just live out the remainder of her life walking as she does.  The surgery is very expensive and will require a lot of after care.  In addition, she will need a wheelchair to get around (a generous donation offer made by Ann Fisher – “THANK YOU!”). 

But regardless of what is done, we must first raise the funds to pay for the original procedure of $605.00.  If you would like to contribute to Charity’s fund, please click the link below to make your tax deductible donation.  As usual, A.A.R.F. puts every penny received directly towards the animals and their care.  This is by far one of the worst cases we’ve seen, and we need your help to continue saving these lives.

OR – you can drop a donation off at PETCO in Cookeville, TN on Saturday Noon until 6PM.

OR – you can drop a donation off at the Fairfield Glade Arts & Crafts Show in FFG this Saturday and Sunday (5/26-5/27) – Look for the AARF booths!

OR – you can pay on our bill at BEST FRIENDS VETERINARY HOSPITAL in the KROGER Shopping center.

Any amount is appreciated and will help.   You can mail your donations to:

P.O. Box 4074 ~ Cookeville, TN  38502

Or email for more information

A.A.R.F. and Charity Appreciate your support!

Welcome to Crossville, Central Bark!

Central Bark, our newest grooming friend, has opened a facility in crossville at 11 Irwin Avenue!  Phone Number 931-787-1616.  They do an EXCELLENT job and have assisted A.A.R.F. and The Cumberland County Animal Shelter with many homeless animals thus far!

It’s Not Too Late to make a TAX DEDUCTIBLE Donation!

Please consider donating to help thousands of homeless pets in the Upper Cumberland Region of Tennessee get the care that they need – and take a tax deduction before year end!  A.A.R.F. (All About Rescue and Fixin Inc.) is a 501(c)(3) charity and we are funded ONLY by your donations!  So please, make a donation to help us continue to save the thousands that need saving.  Their lives are dependent upon you.

Sponsorship Needed

This young dog arrived at the shelter recently, and desperately needs medical attention.  Meet Nero!  A young, male Shih Tzu mix who cannot move his back legs well.  He gets up just enough to use the potty away from his sleeping and eating area, then retreats back to his bed to rest.  He “Smiles” for you on command, appears to be housetrained, and has a very loveable and sweet personality.  Please sponsor NERO so that AARF can get him the care that he needs. 

Please click ANY of the DONATE NOW links on our site to assist with sponsorship of this wonderful, smiling boy!

“Fixin'” Assistance Available!

Spay/Neuter (Fixin’) is good for…


     Your Pet

     Your Community

What is Spay/Neuter?  It is the sterilization of animals so that they cannot make more kittens or puppies.  It is a surgical procedure, performed by licensed veterinarians while the pet is asleep and free of pain.  Depending on your pet’s age, size and health, he or she will stay at your veterinarian’s office for a few hours or maybe overnight. 

Depending upon the procedure, your pet may need stitches removed.  Your veterinarian can fully explain his/her spay and neuter procedures to you.  If you have a new puppy or kitten, don’t wait!  Pets can become parents sooner than you think.  Early age spay/neuter is safe and effective so talk with your veterinarian at your pet’s first visit.

It’s Good for You!

You can enjoy your spayed or neutered pet more; they are often more affectionate companions. 

Female pets that have been spayed do not go into heat

You won’t have the mess that comes with the female reproductive cycle or the boisterous,  noisy male suitors.

Neutered male cars are less likely to spray and mark territory; dogs are less likely to roam and fight.

Spaying and neutering also reduces the risk of some health problems, offering you more years with your beloved pet.

By making sure that your pet can’t have babies, you’ll have peace of mind that his or her offspring won’t be put down in an animal shelter.

It’s Good for Your Pet!

                Sterilized pets live longer, healthier lives.

                It reduced the chance for several diseases

                It will make your cat or dog even more affectionate

When should it be done?  Cats and dogs as young as 6 months old can become pregnant.  Cats can become pregnant again very soon after giving birth.  We recommend getting young pets spayed/neutered at or before 5 months old.  Older pets can have the operation at any time that they are not in heat, but a nursing mother should probably not have the operation until her babies are eating solid food. 

But It Costs Too Much… Actually, it’s a bargain compared to the cost of having a litter and ensuring the health of the mother and litter.  Two months of pregnancy and another two months until the litter is weaned can add up to significant veterinary bills and food costs.  Most importantly, it’s a very small price to pay for the health of your pet and the prevention of the births of more unwanted pets.

Can Someone help me with the costs?  Wags and Whiskers Spay/Neuter Advocates can help pay the cost if you need assistance.  You will be asked to pay as much as you can afford.  Your pet will get the surgery, a rabies vaccination and cats get a feline leukemia/FIV test.  Follow the steps below:

                Call 931-788-2201 and talk to Jackie or Alan.

                Agree to a co-pay amount

                You make the appointment with our veterinarian and let us know when it is.

                We create a voucher and you pay the co-pay when you pick it up.

                You take your pet to the veterinarian on the morning of surgery between 8 and 9AM

                You give the veterinarian the voucher

                You pick your pet up per the instructions of the veterinarian

                The veterinarian will bill Wags and Whiskers

                If needed, you have the stitches removed after 14 days (no charge)

Please donate to Wags and Whiskers to keep this program going! 

Using Paypal – send money to

Mail Checks to:  Wags and Whiskers, 121 Creek View Drive, Crossville, TN  38555

Contact Wags and Whiskers at 931-788-2201

Visit Wags and Whiskers Website at