• Can I meet the dog / puppy first and then decide?
    No, our adoptions are conducted long distance and the adoption must be finalized before the dog leaves Tennessee. Don’t let distance discourage you from choosing to adopt and bring a wonderful Tennesee dog into your heart and home. We have many happy adopters in New England and communicate through videos, photos, and email / phone updates between foster parent and adopter. We have transports that leave here and arrive in the Northeast each week. We use USDA licensed professional transport companies to bring our dogs to their new families. The drivers are dedicated and compassionate, and we have a selection of convenient locations along the Tennessee-New England route. (Due to interstate adoption regulations, we are not able to adopt to RI and MA residents.)
  • How do I know you’re legitimate – How do I know that you will not take my money and not send me my dog?
    A.A.R.F. is a IRS registered 501(c)(3) non-profit – we take pride in making great matches for dogs and their families. We use PayPal to accept adoption donations online.
  • What if the adoption does not work out?
    You would have a two-week trial period during which you can receive a full refund of your adoption donation when the dog is returned to us. The transport fee is non-refundable. We want everyone to be happy, so we strive to make sure it will be a great match before the dog leaves TN.
  • Where can I get references on your organization?
    We have many happy adopters in the Northeast – references are available upon request.
  • What transport companies do you use?
    For commercial pet transport services to the Northeast area, we use USDA licensed transport companies (typical cost is $160 per dog). There are select other areas we can find transport to. If you are not in the Northeast, please contact us to see if transport is available.