Pet of the Week: March 10th-18th: SWEET PEA!!



Breed: Australian Cattle Dog/ Blue Heeler Mix

Age: 2 Years

Weight: 39 Pounds
Activity level: Sweet Pea has a medium energy level. She loves to run around and play with toys, but she is also perfectly content to pile up on the couch for a nap on a rainy day!
Temperament: Sweet Pea is incredibly loving, and she adores being petted and cuddled on any and all occasions. Sweet Pea can be a tad shy around new people, so she will definitely need an adjustment period. (And really, who among us doesn’t like to take a little time to get to know people before we trust them??) However, once she gets to know you, she will be your girl for life!
Good with kids?: Yes; however, since she is just a little afraid of loud noises, perhaps she would be better suited to calm, older children rather than kids who love to roughhouse.
Good with other pets?: Yes! Sweet Pea is around other pets at our adoption events every weekend and does just fine! In fact, she would love to go to a home that has another dog for her to play with!
Ideal family: While Sweet Pea would be fine for a family with older, calmer children, her ideal family would probably be a couple or single person without children. It takes her a while to adjust to new things, and sometimes kids do not quiet understand that. But one thing is for sure, when Sweet Pea finds the right family, we know they will love her so much they will just never want to let her go!
Ideal day: Sweet Pea would love to wake up to some morning snuggles, then enjoy some great playtime with her favorite toy (which is elk antlers, in case you were wondering), followed by some awesome dreams about chasing elk-like fauna in some afternoon naps, being petted and adored with cuddles and love snuggles before dinner, tossing the ball around before bed, and finally, falling asleep with the family she knows is hers forever.
Attention level required: Sweet Pea loves to play, but she is also crate trained, which means she will happily occupy herself quietly while you are off at work. Until you know how she will adjust to a new environment, Sweet Pea will do best in a restricted area while she is alone (just so as she does not decide to “occupy herself quietly” with destructive behaviors!).
Housetrained?: Yes, just remember to give her enough time to adjust to her new home! Sweet Pea does very well on a schedule, so she would do great with someone who can give her consistency.
Space needed: Sweet Pea is a medium sized dog who enjoys running around, so she needs at least a medium-sized space to fit her nicely. Because Sweet Pea came from an unfortunate situation where she was tied up for her entire life, we are requiring that her new home have a completely fenced in yard so this never happens to her again!
Previous experience needed?: Sweet Pea would be great for someone who has experience with dogs, particularly with her breed. While herding is a super-cute tendency for experienced dog owners, it can be a little much to handle for someone who is unfamiliar with the breed.
The best thing about Sweet Pea: Sweet Pea’s foster mom says her favorite thing about Sweet Pea is how incredibly loving she is; it is truly just beautiful how much love she has to give! Sweet Pea also has a very soulful face (with the most gorgeous brown eyes you have ever seen!!). Her colors are simply stunning, and she has the cutest little markings on her feet that make her look like she is wearing socks! She is also in the uber-cute habit of standing on her hind legs and dancing!! Seriously, how could you not want this dog? She is just an amazing little critter! You will be amazed at how much love this girl can pack into her 39-pound body. So come meet this beautiful angel, and let her show you how wonderful life can really be!

To meet, inquire about, or fill out an adoption form for Sweet Pea, please visit Additionally, Sweet Pea will be at the Cookeville Petco on March 16, 2013, from 12-6!!