FOUND! Truck AND Driver!

EVEN MORE AWESOME NEWS!  On a stroke of good luck, Pam and Kyle Peterson with Peterson Express Transport Services- the ONLY transportation provider used by A.A.R.F. – was picking up their new trailer yesterday in the vicinity of Shelbyville and offered to pickup the kennels for us!!  The kennels are now here in Cookeville and waiting to be re-assembled! 

Thanks SO much Kyle, Pam and crew!  Here is a photo of their new trailer. 

P.E.T.S. will be featured on a new Animal Planet show called “Last Chance Highway”  which premiers this summer.  Read more about the show:

Visit the P.E.T.S. website at for more information on how the Peterson’s are making a difference for these animals – nearly 24,000 saved since starting their organization!!!  P.E.T.S. makes northern adoptions possible and cost effective!  A big heartfelt “Thanks” for all that they do, and for jumping in and assisting us when we were panicked on how to get these kennels here quickly!!!


Awesome News!  We found the kennels we have been searching for for our new holding facility!  Problem is, they are in Shelbyville!  We need to get them from Shelbyville to Cookeville ASAP! 

Does anyone have a truck-driving friend who can pick up and deliver these sections to us – possibly someone who drives through that area frequently? 

Anyone have a truck or trailer and the ability to volunteer to drive there to pick up for us? 

And in the worst case, if A.A.R.F. has to rent a truck, anyone with a good driving record available to volunteer to drive the truck, load, and bring back here?

The largest section of this is 20′ long, so a pickup will not cut it.  We can rent a Budget 24′ truck, but if we can avoid spending $200, we would prefer not to, of course…Please volunteer your services if you can.  Remember that all donations are tax deductible – this includes your fuel, etc.