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  1. Ellen Horowitz says:

    I forgot to mention how wonderful Ariel was and how simple she made the whole process. I have been recommending your services to everyone. We call serenity our internet baby.

  2. Elizabeth Merchant says:

    I contacted so many rescues when I was in search of our next best friend and by time any of them responded the puppy I was interested in was gone. Ariel really works toward the animals best interest and does not hesitate to get the process going. Thank you so much for giving us the chance to share our lives with ( Bamm) now Fess Barker. This was a wonderful experience and Fess is amazing.

  3. Sophia Harvey says:

    Thanks AARF! We owe you for so much of our happiness! Our lives have changed so much since adopting Harley (Toast)

  4. Hope Choate says:

    Thank you AARF for taking such good care of Nola. I want to especially thank Michelle, Nola’s foster mom. She was awesome! Lastly, thank you Thunderhawk Canine training for proving a month training for Nola!

  5. Miriam Lobb says:

    This was the quickest, easiest process I could’ve hoped for ! I had contacted others agencies about potential adoptions and waited days to get a response and the pet was usually gone. I saw Damascus (Nibbs), emailed and filled out adoption paperwork and within a few hours was contacted and picked him up the next day ! Thanks so much for making this a positive experience !

  6. Michael Jarrell says:


  7. Christina Nelson says:

    Thank you AARF for bringing Keller to our home and to his foster parents Joe and Amanda for taking such amazing care of him. We are so happy that’s he’s part of our family!

  8. Marg Domagalski says:

    I forgot to mention when reply about my adoption of Pepe Jelena that Ariel was so very instrumental in me being able to adopt this absolutely adorable miniature schnauzer. Ariel not only read through my application, we spoke live for me to answer questions about the environment that “Jelena” would be in. Ariel quickly determined that Pepe Jelana and I would be a good match and informed me of the next transport date. While it was less than a week away, Ariel made it work so I could pick up my sweet Pepe Jelena that same week.

    Ariel is a true blessing for A.A.R.F. She shows such love, compassion and determination to help find the right homes for those animals in need a permanent home. I am soever grateful for A.A.R.F and Ariel that you brought Pepe Jelena and me together.

  9. Karen Brannan says:

    Thank You So Much for our Percy!!! He is awesome! Thank you also for being so responsive. Michelle, thank you for taking such good care of our pup and being so flexible with our pick up arrangements.

  10. Catina Y Taylor says:

    I would use AARF again in a heartbeat! This was about the easiest process ever. The people are awesome to work with, and many thanks to Melissa for all her help with the questions I had about Callie.

  11. Mitzi Addabbo says:

    I forgot to thank Ariel for giving a Senior the chance to have Pebbles/Rosie. And a special thanks to her foster mom Mary Jennifer and her updates on Rosie’s puppies!

  12. Chelsea Holland says:

    I also forgot to mention in our “happy tails” for Zelda (formerly known as: Abby) that her big brother, Link is an aarf adoption from 11 years ago! Thank you guys, you will never know how much you have enhanced our family!

  13. Jaimie Prins says:

    Thank you so much for our new boy Zeke! Everyone was so helpful in answering questions we had about him and in getting him to us. Pets LLC is also a great organization and recommend you both to anyone looking to adopt and have to have their new furry family member transported.

  14. Peg Palmer says:

    Thank you to AARF and Kristen! Kristen and her husband were so helpful. We love Bogey and have shared our experience with everyone in the Chicago area!!!! Thank you

  15. Daniella Eshouzadeh says:

    thanks to Michelle for taking such good care of Chloe prior to us adopting her,

  16. Selena Scoggins says:

    AARF & Brittany made the whole adoption process smooth. We brought our baby Ivy home within one day of applying! We can’t imagine life without her.

  17. Sandra Lynn Rohrs says:

    AARF and Miriam Russell were wonderful during are adoption process!!!! Sophie was well taken care of by Miriam before we adopted her!!!!

  18. Jennifer Wood says:

    Echoing what so many others here have said: AARF is an amazing organization — everyone was so helpful, friendly, and responsive to our Qs. We adopted from out of state and it could not have gone more smoothly. We have recommended you to so many others already!

  19. Mat & Dara Koenig says:

    A.A.R.F. is amazing! Our rescue Bonnie is the sweetest girl and she just loves to cuddle. It looks like we may be adopting a baby sister through A.A.R.F. for her tomorrow as well. Thank you to everyone at A.A.R.F. for such an amazing pup.

  20. Tye says:

    Everyone we met at A.A.R.F was very nice and helpful. Our new Pup Hazel, now Maisel is awesome!!
    Special thanks to Rachel for going the extra mile to help us get connected with Maisel.

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