Saturday was Rescue Day

For any of you who attended Saturday’s adoption event (2/6/10), you saw the TON of puppies that we were trying to move for the Animal Shelter in Cookeville.  We left ALL A.A.R.F. dogs home with the exception of 5 to concentrate on helping our friends at the shelter.  We got a few applications on some pups, but more importantly, we now have foster homes for ALL 18 puppies that were there that day, thanks to A.A.R.F. volunteers and foster homes – new and old!!!  Raquel and Casey, previous adopters, are now our NEWEST fosters who took two of the larger puppies to foster in their home.  THANKS SO MUCH GUYS!  Fred and Kim took 3, Dee took 3, Linda took 4, Melissa took 4,  and Jennifer took 2. 

We are still desperately seeking additional foster homes for a number of WONDERFUL animals just waiting to go into foster care, currently living in crates for the majority of the day.  If you think you might like to foster one, please contact us!  It is a VERY rewarding experience, knowing that you have contributed to saving the precious like of one very special animal.  A variety of breed mixes and temperaments are available to foster. 

Click on the ADOPT tab to see ALL of our pets available for adoption and pre-adoption.