Fosters and Parvo Situation


I arrived at the shelter today to find a ton of Puppies -they are everywhere…I am begging now, more than ever – if you have ever considered fostering, PLEASE call me or send me an email.  These animals need you desperately.  I am working on potential transports for these pups, but we need time, which they do not have.  To those new fosters who have joined us – Michelle, Betsy, Jenny and Robyn – THANK YOU!  We are so happy to have you aboard.  If you are reading this and thinking about adopting, see some of the photos below of some of the BEAUTIES at the shelter right now…and stop by TODAY to meet them.  They are desperately waiting for you.  The people at the shelter know what is coming, and they are dreading the thought…PLEASE help them!  (Scroll down to see photos of pups taken 2/5/10).


For those of you following this story, I believe that we are FINALLY out of the woods – we have been at this for 2 weeks, have cared for 21 puppies with exposure to this virus.  11 total confirmed cases, 2 hospitalized, and 3 deaths.

Jack – Adopted!

Buck – Adopted!

Kora Needs A foster home and/or adopter!  High energy love bug!  That is how I describe her.  She wiggles and jumps and twirls…and always wants to be near people!  A FABULOUS personality with so much love to offer!  As some of you know, A.A.R.F. has a special place for black dogs in general, since they always seem to be overlooked.  PLEASE look into the eyes of this beautiful girl and offer to give her the life that she deserves!

Cassidy – Adopted!

Natalie – RIP sweet Nattie…you are missed.

Sandy – Goes into a foster home today, 2/6!  She is seeking a forever home as well, but will be glad to get out of my house, that’s for sure!  She is being fostered by one of our previos adopters who adopted a recovered Parvo Pup herself!  Sandy has a very sweet and submissive temperament and gets along well with other dogs.  I have noticed a bit of “treat guarding”, but aside from that, she does great!!!  Please consider Sandy as the newest addition to your family!

Shannon – Needs a foster and/or adopter!  She is the big footed, tripping over her feet goofball that we all know and love.  She is a BEAUTIFUL girl with a gorgeous wavy coat – cmpletely black except for a white chin!  Very different!  She has a fabulous temperament and would make an EXCELLENT pet for anyone with or without kids!  Please consider Shannon…

James (Chuck) – Talk about a sweetheart….the only reason he is not pre-adopted is because he looks like your typical black lab mix dog that is EVERYWHERE in this region!  This boy is awesome.  He LOVES to play, LOVES to snuggle, LOVES to give kisses, and LOVVVVVES his toys!  Seriously…he waits for his little toy to come out of the dryer every day and then he jumps around until I give it to him!  TOO CUTE!  James needs a foster home, as well as a forever home….

Sage – Why is she still with me?  She is SO beautiful!  And SOOOO precious.  Calm and comforting, as well as playful and energetic!  It’s like this little pup understands the words “Calm Down!”.  She sits, submits and does wonderfully when I tell her No.  She is VERY smart, and in a positive way!  Her eyes look into you and it’s like she knows exactly what is going through your head….you must meet her to see for yourself.  Pictures do NOT do her justice.  Wait until you see that beautiful face…and the one black spot on her hip!  VERY unique!

Linda – RIP little girl…you fought REAL hard…

Chris – He is staying at the shelter temporarily until we can find a foster home for him.  NEEDS FOSTER/ADOPTER QUICK!

Karen – RIP Sweet quiet girl…Karen was a fighter, and she lost the fight 2/4/10.  She started coming around and drinking a TON of water.  I thought for sure she would pull through.  She waited until my 3PM rounds were through, and my husband found her when he got home. 

Angel – Adopted!

Christy – Back at the shelter praying for adoption….NEED FOSTER/ADOPTER NOW!!

Rhonda – Working through her shyness issues in her new foster home with Betsy and her daughter, who Rhonda seems to have taken a liking to!  Still looking for a forever home for her…

Jennie – WE HAVE FOUND A FOSTER HOME FOR JENNIE!!!!!  Thanks Robyn!  She still needs a forever home, though….??

Armondo – Need Foster/Adopter for this sweet and wonderful dog!  You talk about a LOVER!  He does this mighty dog run all around the basement when he gets out of his crate then runs back to me and jumps until I pick him up and give him kisses.  He is a SWEETHEART!  And SOOOOO gorgeous.  We are treating a spot on his forehead where he appears to have lost a bit of hair.  more updates to come on that…

Reece – Back at the shelter looking for a home…NEED FOSTER/ADOPTER NOW!!

Jonas – Needs Foster/Adopter.  He is going stir crazy in his kennel.  We sent a lot back to socialize for this reason.  Jonas was sick at that time…we cannot send him back now, we need to get A TON out first!  Please consider Jonas….he is SUCH a sweet boy and SO special….come meet him-you’lll see!

Johnny – Sent back to the shelter for adoption…..NEED FOSTER/ADOPTER NOW!

Lisa – Sent back to the shelter KNOWING that she would be adopted….she is tiny and cute and SO sweet and Sassy….no adoption yet…..NEED FOSTER/ADOPTER NOW!!

This is getting desperate.  We will need to figure something out, and I am just not sure where our miracle is going to come from this time…we need you – caring, compassionate people who can take even just one animal in to foster while we try to find a place for it.  Or Consider adopting a second, third, fourth….it would literally mean the world to them!







  1. WantaAdopt says:

    How is Armondo did you figure out what the hair loss on forhead was? Is he still needing a forever home? Is he Parvo postive?

  2. A.A.R.F. Volunteer says:

    Yes, Armondo has found his forever home. And the hair loss was associated with a skin infection he had at the time. Please check out all of our other pets that are desperately seeking a home of their own.

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