Wally The Wal Mart Dog

So our little Wally Monster is going in to be fixed tomorrow!!!  I expect that anyone who is looking for an awesome personality as their first pre-requisite for adoping a dog will just become smitten with him.  The pup that went from Devil Dog to “Stole My Heart” literally overnight…I just hope that we can find the absolute perfect home for him.  He deserves it!

You can come by PETCO in Cookeville on Saturday and/or Sunday of this week to meet Wally – assuming he is still available for adoption!!


  1. Judy Freeman says:

    Spent a couple of hours with Wally during River Church’s day Sunday. Absolutely fell in love with the little guy – what a personlity!

  2. admin says:

    He’s in a new foster home since last weekend and he’s doing just GREAT! Learning to potty outside and doing good learning manners too. Wait til you see him again this weekend.

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