Phoebe The Wonder Dog

After spending years and years used from Breeding, living under unknown conditions to A.A.R.F., Phoebe has been transformed into a beautiful, happy and delightful little creature!  Upon arrival, Phoebe was scared and hesitant about just about everything….except for her foster mom, Jennifer.  She even snapped once or twice out of fear.  But luckily, she learned quick and is now following her foster brothers and sisters around, and even playing with some of the smaller dogs in her foster home!  She LOVES to jump and dance….she will just jump and jump until Jennifer puts her arm down for Phoebe to clasp onto.  She gives lots of doggie kisses and loves to sleep in the bed….although she also enjoys sleeping under the bed as well.  Phoebe has transformed into such an amazing character and will make someone a wonderful pet for years to come. 

MANY MANY THANKS! to Stephanie LaFever with Cookeville Canine – Stephanie invited Phoebe into the shop for a “Day at the Spa” and Phoebe returned to us looking like a brand new woman!  Jennifer barely recognized her upon arrival!!!  Stephanie did an AMAZING job and Phoebe thoroughly enjoyed herself!!!

If you must leave them, we will love them

From Cookeville Canine’s Website:  Cookeville Canine is dedicated to serving all our furry friends and the many people who love them. We strive to be the finest Dog and Pet Kennel in the Cookeville, Tennessee area. Come check out our Boarding facilities and we’re sure you will agree your Pet will have the best care in the Upper Cumberland area. Our Trainer is a certified graduate of West Virginia Canine College. We strongly belive that a well trained Dog creates an enjoyable and less stressful home environment, not to mention a better ,safer community. It can also help strengthen the bond between you and your dog. When you trust us with the care of your pet, rest assured we will make sure their stay is Safe, Enjoyable, and Caring.

You can reach Cookeville Canine by telephone at 931-537-BARK or through their website at

Here are some before and after shots of Phoebe!  She is actually WHITE!!!!


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    Hi Debbie,

    We would love for you to meet her – you will fall in love! Drop us an email and let us know.

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