California Musician Continues to Make A Difference…

In Loving Memory of Dave Romero: December 11,1967 - October 15, 2010

The sudden passing of San Francisco Bay Area based guitarist and animal lover, Dave Romero, from a brain aneurism was a tragic loss.  As gifted and talented as he was loved by all, his gentle, caring nature was none more evident than in his unbounded compassion for animals, especially those sick, injured or in need of a forever home.

Friends and the local music community were quick to assemble fund raising and benefit concerts in an effort to offset the cost of a memorial as well as charitable contributions toward the animal causes that Dave so believed in.  AARF has received a gift of $1,500.00 from these proceeds to honor the legacy of Dave’s commitment to the welfare and well-being of ALL animals.

Dave Romero’s loving spirit lives on in the hearts of all who have been touched by his life…  both two and four legged.

A.A.R.F. is so grateful to be able to help so many animals in Dave’s memory! This has helped sponsor multiple emergency surgeries, much needed supplies and more for the pets in our care.