Making a Difference in Cumberland County

Throughout the last month, only 4 adoptable dogs needed to be euthanized at the Cumberland County Animal Shelter due to lack of space.  A.A.R.F. has been working hard at moving animals from the shelter, into foster homes, other rescues and directly into homes of adopters!  Thanks to Freedom Farm Sanctuary, Best Friends in Jamestown, Collie Rescue, Golden Retrieve Resce, Donna York and MANY MANY others for making this a possibility!  While we have a ways to go with cats, there appears to be a light at the end of the tunnel for dogs.

While we mourn the loss of those 4 canine friends, we are pleased with the decrease in euthanasia by over 70% in one month’s time.  If you are interested in fostering, know that it’s the best way to save a life.  Contact Jennifer or click on the “FOSTER” link on our site to learn more about fostering.  Their lives depend on you!   The animals below are still seeking their forever homes.