When Pyrelli was first adopted and played at my daughter's house.

Happy Tails For Puffin

When did you adopt your pet from AARF?: 12/22/21
Pet’s AARF Name: Puffin
Pet’s New Name (if you changed it): Pyrelli
How is your adopted pet doing? Pyrelli is a wonderful toddler in my family. Magnum my pyr-collie mix and Joe my cat have a fun time playing with him. Being a nurse, I’m still having to work an extra night every other week, so Pyrelli is having to stay in his crate while I am working. I really hate having the 4 night week every other week since he has to be crated. I have put a crate beside my bed when I have to sleep during the day so Pyrelli knows I am still close by. He is always on a leash in my backyard, but is able to run in my daughter’s fenced in yard several days a week. Pyrelli has free access in my house while I’m awake. I’m getting less sleep, but loving having a new toddler in my family. I am so grateful to the wonderful administrators and fosters with AARF for taking such great care of Pyrelli and providing him a chance for a wonderful life with me and my family.

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