Lamb chop is his favorite toy

Happy Tails For Ozzie

When did you adopt your pet from AARF?: July 2021
Pet’s AARF Name: Ozzie
Pet’s New Name (if you changed it): Bucky
How is your adopted pet doing? Bucky came home and established himself as the leader of my canine pack. He is the smallest one but he is a fierce Poodle.

Where ever he came from —he did not get much attention. He was scared of squeaky toys at first but now loves to have a pile of them in his bed to play with. He brings one to bed at night. He sleeps under the covers right up against me.

I have a big yard that he loves. He tries to chase the Greyhounds. He doesn’t like to be outside unless I am out there with him.

Buck pretty much is by my side when I am home. He lays on the bath mat when I shower and dances in the kitchen when I make their meals.

I just got him some canine puzzles which he enjoys. They keep him entertained for a few minutes and he can show off how smart he is.

When the weather is good, I try to give everyone a walk. Bucky is the youngster so he gets to walk with everyone…lots of steps for him.

I appreciate AARF pulling Buck from the shelter and giving him a chance at a happy life. I wanted another Poodle and he is certainly the right match for me.

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  1. Jean says:

    I have met Bucky and my friend’s description is so accurate. He is an amazing little dog who found a home with an amazing woman. Congratulations to both!!

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