Viktor and Marley

Happy Tails For Victor

When did you adopt your pet from AARF?: August 7th 2022
Pet’s AARF Name: Victor
Pet’s New Name (if you changed it): Viktor
How is your adopted pet doing? Viktor fits in perfectly. His brother Marley loves playing with him. They both love looking out the door at the birds a plotting how they plan to attack. Sadie their big sister is perfect at making sure these two stay out of trouble. She won’t let them play to hard. If she thinks they hard playing to rough she’ll simply put a stop to it. We have found out Viktor loves boxes of any kind. He likes to hind in them a jump out. Next August we get married and I have been working on a invitation design and Viktor must be in the center of it at all times. Viktor has been amazing addition to our little family and we can’t wait to see our future with all of our fur babies.