My favorite napping buddy

Happy Tails For Remarkable Reese

When did you adopt your pet from AARF?: March 25th, 2022
Pet’s AARF Name: Remarkable Reese
Pet’s New Name (if you changed it): Gengar Gibran
How is your adopted pet doing? Dear AARF folks,

They named me GENGAR?! I don’t know what that is or why I have a famous last name. I am found of: MeeMee Beaucoup, GenGen, and various other aliases, like kitty-kitty, although GenGen is the one my human uses the most. Georgia is pretty nice, the ride down was really long, yet I made it in time for a clean potty break and a chicken dinner. Sometimes I get freeze dried turkey livers, other nights it’s salmon pate. It all taste pretty great, drumroll, the treats are my favorite. Despite my silent meows for more, I guess I get enough of them.

I’m happy to report my front-window pillow viewing is at an all time high and close to my hidey spot when I’m ready for me time. My new home has lots of nap friends that love when I nap on them, who could of dreamt of that! Overall, life is good, the scratching carpet feels good..even though my additional brushes pet-titions were chittered out weeks ago and have gone unaddressed, I guess brushed once a day will be sufficient..for meow.

Sending lots of loud purrs to Susan and her daughter for keeping my spirits high waiting on my forever human, took him long enough.

P.S. His face is my favorite napping buddy

Side eye and lazy bats,
GenGen Gibran