Pico's Gotchya Day 10-28-22

Happy Tails For Oshe

When did you adopt your pet from AARF?: October 28, 2022
Pet’s AARF Name: Oshe
Pet’s New Name (if you changed it): Pico de Gallo
How is your adopted pet doing? I seriously get teary thinking how happy Pico has made our house. Ready for a long story? We have a 15 year old Bichon/Poodle rescue, Presto, that had lost 3 of his siblings (all close to his age) within two years (2018-2020) due to 1-old age/dementia and 2-to kidney failure at the ages of 10 and 12. My husband and I then upended his life even more by moving from Minnesota to SC back in 2020. He was lonely and lethargic. We seriously thought he would just fall asleep and leave us out of shear heartache and lonesomeness. Here’s a tough decision, do we upend his life more and introduce a puppy to see if that helps? Yup, it’s worth a shot. In comes Taco the 4 month old Chiweenie. Big, BIG, mistake. HUGE! Presto HATES him. We can’t leave him alone with the new puppy. He’s NEVER been that way with dogs but he’s not been around new dogs in a long time. We were within 24 hours of calling the rescue to return Taco. It broke our hearts but it was too hard on the old man, Presto. But oh, wait!!!!! Two weeks after Taco arrived at our house Presto realizes the pesky puppy isn’t going anywhere and now he has to get his old, lazy ass off the couch and teach this puppy a thing or two. BAM! Presto is a new (old) dog. Taco saved our old man. They romp and play. Fast forward a year later. We’re fostering a rescue puppy for a few weeks for our daughter until she can come pick him up. HOLY ENERGY, BATMAN! The 3 hit it off… but Presto says, “Ahhh… yes! Put up the feet on my recliner, Mom! Taco has a playmate and I’m going to enjoy my twilight years on the couch with some TV and Mom and Poppy snuggles.” We quickly realize Taco seriously needs a young playmate that can keep up. Foster puppy goes off with daughter… we start searching for a new rescue for Taco. Our daughter sends us info on Pico and it’s love at first sight with the picture. I fill out the EXTENSIVE (happy about that!!) rescue app. My husband couldn’t believe the time I took on it. I told him I knew in that puppy’s eyes he needed to be with us! It paid off. Pico’s foster mom picked us!!!! (again, I get teary with joy thinking about that phone call!) We drive 3 1/2 hours to pick up our new baby and have Taco with us (that’s too long of a drive for old man, Presto). It’s not exactly “love at first sight” but they seemed pretty good with each other. We get them all home… the reaction isn’t the same as it was between Taco and the foster grand-dog. My heart sank. They didn’t dislike each other, but they didn’t “hit it off” immediately either. But again… WAIT! Gave it a couple weeks and now they’re are true brothers who wrestle, play, taunt, tease, find mischief and snuggle with each other. And Mr. Presto the old man even joins in here and there to play (we joke Presto is the old man yelling at the “kids” to get off his lawn as he chases and barks at them). Thank you to AARF for completing our family. I’ve included pics of adoption day, tanning sessions in the yard, sleepy brothers and our family Christmas pic.