Josie and Penny

Happy Tails For Jolene

When did you adopt your pet from AARF?: Feb 2023
Pet’s AARF Name: Jolene
Pet’s New Name (if you changed it): Josie
How is your adopted pet doing? Josie fits in perfectly. She is learning to use the doggie door and go outside to potty instead of the pee pad. She is learning so I still have the pee pad down by the door. AND she will not go out if it is wet…she does not like to get her little paws wet. She plays with all the other dogs..ranging in ages 7, 4, 3, 3. They are all very gentle with her and let her win at tug of war between her 9 lbs and Mikey, 50 lbs. It is great fun to watch. She is learning basic commands and fetch small balls (returning them to me we are still working on). She has certainly livened up my bunch. They let her crawl all over them. I love to watch them together.