Happy Tails For Chipper

When did you adopt your pet from AARF?: June 2023
Pet’s AARF Name: Chipper
Pet’s New Name (if you changed it): Caesar
How is your adopted pet doing? He is doing well. We love his calmness. His name is now Caesar.

Cesar is Precious. We did a 5K walk for our church and the children loved him. They played with him for hours, it was a joy to see. He is a blessing to everyone who meets him. The children, neighbors, visitors, Home Depot, etc. My Nephew 6 years old was terrified of dogs, and would not enter a home with a dog. He visited on Friday and by Saturday he said, it’s ok if Caesar followed him around. Within 48 hours he was playing with Caesar. I am very happy with Caesar. He is therapeutic to everyone who meets him.

He loves to jump, so I am training him to jump on command. He can spring up to 5 feet. Amazing for a little boy.