Happy Tails For Buster

When did you adopt your pet from AARF?: July 24 2022
Pet’s AARF Name: Buster
Pet’s New Name (if you changed it): Zydeco
How is your adopted pet doing? Zydeco was picked up in Tenn, we traveled 14 hours to reach home. Each time he needed to stop for a pee break he let us know. He fit right in at our house. The only accidents were the humans fault. He learns very fast. He doesn’t bark. Goes to the door and sits, waits for the harness ( we have poison ivy in the yard). Walks on a leash and heels. Made not a sound at vet’s getting his shots. Very curious about sounds and movement. Is shy when meeting new people. He is loved by all the people he has met so far, they all want to ‘steal’ him and make him their own. He is a bottomless pit, always looking for food. Stands behind my legs when I’m in the kitchen. Has a morning routine : comes out of his crate, goes outside, comes back in and runs to me to get his body rub down from head to tail. His tail wags all the time. He has his place on the couch, when he get bigger he will have to move to the ‘dog chair’. Last night he learned to jump on the bed and get down again. Having had dogs and cats over 45 years he has been the easiest puppy ever, In a few months we will look for a playmate for him.

His litter mate, Darlin, live about 30 minutes away. We plan a play date in the future. Also her owner is a Vet Tech at his Vet.