Juniper figuring out how relaxing it can be to lay in the sun

Happy Tails For Aniston

When did you adopt your pet from AARF?: December 2023
Pet’s AARF Name: Aniston
Pet’s New Name (if you changed it): Juniper
How is your adopted pet doing? She warmed up within a day. On the drive back to Knoxville, she was unhappy in her carrier, but she calmed down and fell asleep on my shoulder when I took her out. She was a little hesitant of my dog at first, but I made sure she had plenty of places to hide if she felt the need to; they’re now best friends and always cuddling, though my dog sometimes gets tired of playing and has to go sleep someplace else. She is an extremely active kitten, and as such has to have a bunch of items in every room to make sure she doesn’t either scratch up my furniture or try to eat my legs. She’s very smart and catches on to things quickly, such as “please for the love of god stop bringing toys into my bed at 3am” and “the couch is a bad place to sharpen your claws, but there are two scratchers in the living room for you.” She also has no idea how to meow properly and either sounds like a smoker or just kinda makes a hissing noise any time she tried to talk, which is kinda cute because it’s so goofy. She likes to sleep on me or my dog. She likes to hide under furniture and jump out to slash ankles. She automatically used a litter box without fail. She likes to sit in my window and chatter at squirrels on my porch. She’s gained a lot of weight, too, which is good because she was a little too skinny. Overall, she’s doing very well and needed almost no adjustment time before she was running around and trying to bite my toes.