He loves to sleep on someone’s chest

Happy Tails For Alberti

When did you adopt your pet from AARF?: April 28, 2022
Pet’s AARF Name: Alberti
Pet’s New Name (if you changed it): Alberti Kingsley mutz
How is your adopted pet doing? He has adapted so well. He’s never alone because I work night shift and my family works days; so we alternate being at home. He’s adjusted very well to the cuddles and love he gets.
He loves going on adventures to state parks. He runs the trails while I try to keep up. We’ve had one play date with his kitten friend, Motley. And another play date with his two other kitten friends. He has a window seat that he loves to sleep and sunbathe in and a tower he does parkour on.
He has become such a big boy since we got him. He is 3 months old and will be 4 months June 17th!
He runs around the house and puts a smile on everyone’s face, because he’s very entertaining and full of personality. I recently learned he loves to watch the Simpsons and American dad before bed. Thank you all so much for our little blessing . He has become another family member in this household .