Algood Middle School Class Gets Grant to help A.A.R.F.!

Melody Smith, Social Studies teacher at Algood Middle School, coordinated a service learning grant to use towards helping homeless animals right here in the Upper Cumberland.  Melody and a group of 6th grade students arrived today at Petco and purchased $500 worth of merchandise to help A.A.R.F. efforts to house, feed and rehabilitate homeless animals.  While Melody and A.A.R.F. director, Jennifer Farley shopped for supplies, the young students volunteered their time socializing, walking and playing with the dogs currently available for adoption.  The girls also created a beautiful poster board for A.A.R.F. to use at events.  A.A.R.F. Thanks Melody and the students for thinking of A.A.R.F. and the homeless animals.

Purchases include new pet huts, cat litter, cat food, much needed medications, puppy pens, beds, etc.  All supplies were purchased here locally at PETCO!

Pictured from left to right, Jennifer Farley-A.A.R.F., Anita Jesser-PETCO, Linda Randall-A.A.R.F., Mikaela Scantland-Student, Abigail Brown-Student, Melody Smith-Teacher, and Calista Boyd-Student.  Linda is holding Muffin.  Abigail is holding Sam.  Calista is holding Shadow on a leash.    Next photo – some of the girls enjoy playing with the dogs at PETCO!