Rocco’s Story

Rocco came to us with his mom from a horrible man who used to do terrible things to his dogs and their puppies – rather than just get them fixed..  The puppies were almost feril – scared to death of everything, everyone and would tremble when you held them.  Luckily, with the help of a few kind hearted people, the pups were quickly socialized and all found great homes.  Here is what Rocco’s new mom has to say about him:

Here is a couple of pictures of “Rocco” aka “Lasher” the puppy we
adopted from Cookeville last Christmas.  He is still a housedog
(despite his 80lbs) and his spoiled rotten!  We hope to be able to
bring him by Petco this Christmas.

Hello!  I thought we would send an update on Lasher, the Siberian mix
we adopted from you in November of 2007.  He is now a very permanent
member of our family.  Tipping the scales at 80 lbs he is a very big
boy.  We call him our “perpetual 2-year-old” as it seems he will never
outgrow the toddler stage.  We agree that we have never seen a dog
with so much personality.  I have attached some pictures.  A couple
are of Lash swimming in the lake and in our pool.  The other one is
how I caught him on our couch (which he is not allowed on) asleep one
morning.  The final picture is of him and our newest family member.
She joined us in February and Lasher has been wonderful with her.
Lasher goes everywhere with us he can (he has serious separation
anxiety) and we are hoping to get to take him to the ocean for the
first time this summer.  He is definitely a “Daddy’s Boy”.  We get
comments on him all of the time.  He actually caused a wreck one day
while he was on a run and the driver was watching Lasher and
rear-ended the car in front of him.  Many mistake him for a
full-blooded Siberian.  He loves all people and all creatures and he
has too much energy for most.  He plays with other dogs until they can
barely move and he is still ready to play some more.  He has a best
friend that lives next door and they play outside every weekend
together.  He is very smart and knows many commands but unfortunately
only performs them when it suits him.  We would like to thank you for
allowing us to adopt him.  He is our comedian and life wouldn’t be the
same without our big boy!

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