Happy Tails for Goober

Tania adopted Goober in June 2012. His new name is Gobi.

Gobi says: hi aarf, especially my foster moms Jennifer and Donna, today is exactly one year since I boarded a van from Tennessee, just a tiny little baby Goober boy, and arrived at my new home in Connecticut. I’ve since become a full grown adult (although mom would argue with that, she says in still pretty silly!). in one year I’ve gone from 8 lbs. to 20+ (mom says I’m a little chunky, but it’s all solid muscle). I’ve made very many friends, folks always smile and hug me, and everyone says I’m the happiest dog they’ve ever seen! all the dogs in the dog park are my friends, even the grumpy and scared ones. I play, run and swim. I’ve licked away tears in neighboring Sandy Hook, where people called me a ‘comfort dog’. mom says I bring a lot of joy to everyone I meet. I think my cats at home really like me, although they try hard not to show it. oh, and my vet knows I don’t like getting on the scary, shiny and slippery examination table, so he gets down on the floor and examines me while I cover him with kisses! life is SO good!!! I want to thank you aarf and my foster moms for saving me, taking care of me, helping me get over my mange and getting me healthy and strong enough to go to my forever home, and live a full and very happy life with my mom who just loves me like crazy!!! xoxo Gobi (fka Goober)


  1. Lori says:

    Gobi is the best! Got to finally meet him when I visited his mom a few weeks ago. We went for a nice long walk too. What a happy boy. 🙂

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