Happy Tails For Darla

When did you adopt your pet from AARF?: September 22, 2019
Pet’s AARF Name: Darla
Pet’s New Name (if you changed it): Bon Ami
How is your adopted pet doing? Bon Ami is a very happy dog. At first my other dog, Gidget, was a bit jealous but now they are besties. Bon Ami has walked five miles around Stone Mountain near our home several times and loves it. She adores stopping to get attention from people and likes to meet new dogs too. When I stop too long to socialize, she lies down in the grass and sometimes on her back so she can get some tummy rubbing attention. She and Gidget play relentlessly and she keeps Gidget company and she doesn’t seem as bored anymore. She lets Bon Ami play with all her toys and chew the Nylabones but her food bowl is definitely off limits! Bon Ami is sleeping quite well and eating well also. The condition of her coat has improved with the food she is eating and the vitamin and coconut oil supplements. She has gotten much better about pottying outside but seems confused about the artificial grass under the cover of our deck. She uses the artificial grass that is not covered. We have had a bit of a problem with her being destructive when I leave the house to do my run or go to the gym. She has torn up socks, parts of books and two of my husband’s swim suits among other things that weren’t terrible, but we try to put everything up. We might have to introduce her to crate training although I have never done that with any of my dogs. This one is so smart that the little rascal figured out a way to come into the house through a shut doggie door and the weird thing was it was shut back when I got home. She is either Houdini or very smart. Oh, yes, she also loves my husband and watches for him to come home from work every day. He gets to walk both dogs on the weekend and gives Mom two mornings to just run and not have to walk too!

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