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As most of you are aware, A.A.R.F. recently rescued a TON of kittens and cats from the animal shelter in an attempt to give them the time they need to find a home.  And as most of you are aware, we are no strangers to asking the public for assistance with supplies needed to save these lives.  But it is a rare occurrence when people come to us and ask us if they can HELP US!

Kelly Darty, manager of the PETCO store in Cookeville called A.A.R.F. director, Jennifer Farley today asking if the PETCO foundation could lend some emergency assistance with helping A.A.R.F. with their ever growing number of feline fosters!  Within 2 hours, the request was approved by Executive Director of the PETCO Foundation, Paul Jolly, and A.A.R.F. volunteers were loading up merchandise needed for the rehabilitation and comfort of these foster felines! 

“I was speechless!”, said Jennifer Farley, A.A.R.F. Director and President when asked what her reaction was when she found out the request was approved.  “I felt like a kid in a candy store, only afraid to touch anything in fear that it would all be taken away!”.  Jennifer  and store manager Kelly Darty and her staff compiled a list of supplies needed to tend to these kittens and cats, and prepare for the next batch that is certain to be coming in shortly.  Supplies donated include over 400lbs of dry cat and kitten food, bowls, litter scoops, litter pans, cleaning supplies, nutritional substitutes, toys, shampoo, beds, hammocks for condos, scratching posts, a cat condo to separate ill from healthy kittens, milk replacement for the tiny babies, litter deoderizer, nearly 600 cans of cat and kitten food, Advantage Flea topical for cats, cat treats, and 400lbs of cat litter. 

Jennifer states that she has heard of the wonderful things that the PETCO foundation does to help homeless pets get the help and care that they need, but never imagined that such generosity would come to the rural region of Cookeville, TN.  “I am literally speechless….words cannot express how greatful I am to Kelly Darty, Paul Jolly and all of the others that make PETCO and the PETCO Foundation what it is…there is a Heart behind the PETCO Corporate logo…when help is desperately needed – they are there to assist!  I just encourage everyone to continue shopping at PETCO and supporting this organization…they just made it possible for us to afford to continue on our path to save these cats’ lives”. 

PETCO is located at 377 W Jackson in Cookeville, TN in Jackson Plaza (next to Old Navy).  The store can be reached at 931-526-8994. 

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  1. Kim Smith says:

    The thanks should actually go to YOU. You are the folks doing the hard work on the front lines. We, at the PETCO Foundation, are in awe of all that our partners do day in and day out. We are happy that we can help behind the scenes but you are definitely the true heroes. Hug a couple of the kitties from all of us!

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