Hanging out in the cat tree.

Happy Tails For Rylee

When did you adopt your pet from AARF?: 12/5/21
Pet’s AARF Name: Rylee
Pet’s New Name (if you changed it): Rylee
How is your adopted pet doing? Rylee is super friendly and affectionate. From the moment we opened her carrier when we brought her home, she has wanted to be in our laps, on our shoulders, or anywhere close by. She comes running with a happy meow whenever we call her, and loves nothing more than to sit and snuggle when she’s worn herself out with her kitten antics.

She has no fear of our large dog, June, who loves to sniff her and nudge her gently with her nose. It took her a little longer to befriend our two-year-old cat. At first the older cat refused to be anywhere near her, however now they are regularly in the same room without any issues. They even play together for short stretches of time before the older cat decides she needs some quiet time away from the energetic kitten. Once Rylee mellows out a little with age, I’m sure they will be even better friends.

We are all so happy little Rylee is here with us. She has really brought new joy to our household!

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