Happy Tails For Maxine

When did you adopt your pet from AARF?: March 4, 2021
Pet’s AARF Name: Maxine
Pet’s New Name (if you changed it): Maggie
How is your adopted pet doing? I also have another dog, Cody, who is a Pomeranian mix estimated to be 12 years old.  The two of them bonded very quickly, and Maggie has been a welcome addition to our home.  I also have 2 cats who she terrorized for a couple of weeks, but all is well now.  She never displayed any aggression, but she’s very energetic, and the cats took a while to adjust.  I had another dog who passed away from kidney disease about 18 months ago, and Cody has really enjoyed having another companion.  They play often, and Cody has gotten new energy.  Maggie had a bit of a problem leaving me presents when I was out of the house for a while, but we’ve now been 4 days accident-free.  They were all of the solid type, so easy to clean up.  I’m sure she was demonstrating that she didn’t want me to leave her at home.  We’ll be visiting my daughter’s family, which includes two teenage boys, in a couple of weeks, and they’re anxious to meet her.  She seems to really enjoy riding in the car.
AARF did a wonderful job with the adoption.  I visited Petfinder and Adopt-a-pet daily for about 3 months looking for another pet.  The biggest issue that I had was a lack of response to my inquiries.  Having volunteered with a shelter in Crossville for 4 years, and knowing the number of pets who need homes, I was surprised at how few organizations responded.  AARF’s foster parent, Nancy, called me within a couple of hours of my submitting the application.  She was well-prepared when I visited, with Cody, to meet Maggie, and all the records were ready to go.

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