Happy Tails For Mabel

When did you adopt your pet from AARF?: July 3, 2021
Pet’s AARF Name: Mabel
Pet’s New Name (if you changed it): Mabel- but we usually call her Mae
How is your adopted pet doing? Mae is doing SO good! She was absolutely confused and scared for the first few days- she never had a real family or a real home before so she wasn’t sure what to do with it. It took some patience and gentle encouragement but over time, she went from tail always tucked to walking with her tail held high and a bounce in her step! She loves all sorts of treats and peanut butter! She isn’t really interested in toys but we recently found out she likes sticks!! She likes to play with other neighborhood dogs and is kind of a puncher- meaning she bops them in the head with her big bear paws! Lol
She is starting to get snuggly with us and loves to be right where we are and getting petted. She slept in the bed with us on her own accord for the first time and we were so excited! We can tell this is only the beginning of a lifetime of cuddles. She is such a calm and chill dog- she either spends her days in dad’s office as a “studio dog” on her favorite bench, or she comes to the flower shop with mom and is a “shop dog” where all customers melt over her (and she doesn’t even react- so well behaved!) we keep laughing because we have this perfect dog that we didn’t really have to train and cannot believe she just fell into our laps. We love her deeper each day- you can’t help it with her gorgeous eyes that stare into your soul! This is the dog we prayed for. I know our other dog Rory sent her straight from heaven. I know they’re secret friends. We love our Mae girl.

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