Happy Tails For Chloe

When did you adopt your pet from AARF?: 11/27/2020
Pet’s AARF Name: Chloe
Pet’s New Name (if you changed it): Willow
How is your adopted pet doing? Willow is a perfect, fluffy, wrecking ball of a puppy. She is so goofy and sweet. Her favorite thing is her puppy kindergarten class where she can romp and play with pups who are her same age but only half her size. She rolls over on her back and lets them jump all over her, but sometimes she gets the zoomies in class and runs around accidentally steamrolling the other pups! She takes long, peaceful naps during the day and when she sees her humans, she rolls over for belly rubs. She’s still working on befriending our cats, but her attempts to play with them isn’t winning her any friends! She’s perfect, and we are so happy with her. Thank you to AARF for rescuing her litter and pouring so much love and care into them!

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