Happy Tails for Thor



Angela adopted Thor August 2012 Thor is now called Thor! We love Thor!!! He has fit in with our family from day 1. He has learned to sit, stay, and the command come. He loves attention and he is getting spoiled. He has a nightly ritual of wanting me to carry him to his crate at bedtime. He puts his sweet head on my shoulder to cuddle ( I think that he thinks his is a small Yorkie lol). Everyone that meets him talks about how adorable he is and we hear “he looks like that dog from Fraiser” quite a bit. His favorite thing to play is ball, from day 1, we can throw a tennis ball and he will run to get it and bring it back to you. We are very thankful for him!!

Happy Tails from Bob


Bob adopted Red from one of AARF’s partner shelters in Illinois on  4/9/2013.  Red is now DUKE!  As a result of a transfer from AARF to a shelter partner in Illinois, we met and adopted “Red” a 4 year old Hound Mix. Renamed “Duke”, he instantly won over our hearts with his warm and gentle personality. We’d like to thank the folks AARF for the initial rescue, and the ultimate transfer to the shelter in our area.

Red (1)

Pet of the Week: March 10th-18th: SWEET PEA!!



Breed: Australian Cattle Dog/ Blue Heeler Mix

Age: 2 Years

Weight: 39 Pounds
Activity level: Sweet Pea has a medium energy level. She loves to run around and play with toys, but she is also perfectly content to pile up on the couch for a nap on a rainy day!
Temperament: Sweet Pea is incredibly loving, and she adores being petted and cuddled on any and all occasions. Sweet Pea can be a tad shy around new people, so she will definitely need an adjustment period. (And really, who among us doesn’t like to take a little time to get to know people before we trust them??) However, once she gets to know you, she will be your girl for life!
Good with kids?: Yes; however, since she is just a little afraid of loud noises, perhaps she would be better suited to calm, older children rather than kids who love to roughhouse.
Good with other pets?: Yes! Sweet Pea is around other pets at our adoption events every weekend and does just fine! In fact, she would love to go to a home that has another dog for her to play with!
Ideal family: While Sweet Pea would be fine for a family with older, calmer children, her ideal family would probably be a couple or single person without children. It takes her a while to adjust to new things, and sometimes kids do not quiet understand that. But one thing is for sure, when Sweet Pea finds the right family, we know they will love her so much they will just never want to let her go!
Ideal day: Sweet Pea would love to wake up to some morning snuggles, then enjoy some great playtime with her favorite toy (which is elk antlers, in case you were wondering), followed by some awesome dreams about chasing elk-like fauna in some afternoon naps, being petted and adored with cuddles and love snuggles before dinner, tossing the ball around before bed, and finally, falling asleep with the family she knows is hers forever.
Attention level required: Sweet Pea loves to play, but she is also crate trained, which means she will happily occupy herself quietly while you are off at work. Until you know how she will adjust to a new environment, Sweet Pea will do best in a restricted area while she is alone (just so as she does not decide to “occupy herself quietly” with destructive behaviors!).
Housetrained?: Yes, just remember to give her enough time to adjust to her new home! Sweet Pea does very well on a schedule, so she would do great with someone who can give her consistency.
Space needed: Sweet Pea is a medium sized dog who enjoys running around, so she needs at least a medium-sized space to fit her nicely. Because Sweet Pea came from an unfortunate situation where she was tied up for her entire life, we are requiring that her new home have a completely fenced in yard so this never happens to her again!
Previous experience needed?: Sweet Pea would be great for someone who has experience with dogs, particularly with her breed. While herding is a super-cute tendency for experienced dog owners, it can be a little much to handle for someone who is unfamiliar with the breed.
The best thing about Sweet Pea: Sweet Pea’s foster mom says her favorite thing about Sweet Pea is how incredibly loving she is; it is truly just beautiful how much love she has to give! Sweet Pea also has a very soulful face (with the most gorgeous brown eyes you have ever seen!!). Her colors are simply stunning, and she has the cutest little markings on her feet that make her look like she is wearing socks! She is also in the uber-cute habit of standing on her hind legs and dancing!! Seriously, how could you not want this dog? She is just an amazing little critter! You will be amazed at how much love this girl can pack into her 39-pound body. So come meet this beautiful angel, and let her show you how wonderful life can really be!

To meet, inquire about, or fill out an adoption form for Sweet Pea, please visit aarf-tn.com/. Additionally, Sweet Pea will be at the Cookeville Petco on March 16, 2013, from 12-6!!

Pet of the Week for March 3rd-10th: Paintball!!



Breed: Boston Terrier Mix
Age: 1-2 years
Weight: 25 pounds

Activity level: Paintball has a high energy level, so he is looking for a family who can give him lots of attention, exercise, and good old-fashioned playtime!

Temperament: Paintball is incredibly affectionate and friendly! He is very playful and always happy! He is such a sweet soul, and he adores being around his foster mom so much that he will even lay across her feet as she stands at the mirror to do her makeup! How adorable is that?

Good with kids?: YES! Paintball is so playful and energetic, he would make the perfect addition to a family with kids who are looking for a playmate!

Good with other pets?: YES! Paintball absolutely loves other dogs, and he is always playing with them! He is also great with cats.

Ideal family: Paintball’s ideal family would most definitely include kids and other dogs for him to play with so he will always have a playmate to help him get his energy out! He would also make a great companion for an energetic couple or anyone who could use a great running partner! (Paintball just loves to run!).

Ideal day: Paintball’s ideal day would include waking up energetically for a fun-filled morning walk, laying across your feet lovingly while you get ready for the day, playing with any and all kinds of stuffed animals absolutely as much as possible, gleefully chasing after all his new playmate friends (of both two-legged and four-legged varieties!), enjoying some training time while you teach him new tricks (which is the best way to keep an active dog’s mind busy to prevent destructive behaviors), and finally, once he is all worn out, cuddling up with the whole family for a lazy Saturday night movie!

Attention level required: Paintball has a high energy level, so he is going to need someone who is prepared to give him lots of attention! He will be fine at home while the family is off at work or school, but he should probably be crated under these circumstances until he can adjust to his new environment.

Housetrained?: Paintball is coming along on his housetraining, but he is not quite there yet! So he needs someone who will be patient with him. He has exhibited some marking behaviors when he enters a new environment, but his foster mom simply put doggie diaper on him for a few days, and the habit disappeared very quickly.

Space needed: Even though Paintball is small, he would enjoy a little extra space to run around in so as to get out all his cute little doggie energies!

Previous experience needed?: The only thing Paintball needs a little help with is housetraining, so he either needs someone who is experienced in this area, or who is willing to be patient while you both learn the ropes together!

The best thing about Paintball: Paintball’s foster parents say their favorite thing about Paintball is….EVERYTHING! He has such a loving personality, is incredibly cuddly, very intelligent, even-tempered, and has unparalleled amounts of sweetness! They say the cutest thing he does is try to “talk” back to people who are talking to him. And can we just mention….how handsome is he??? We absolutely adore this little fella, and we can’t wait to see his little stubby tail wagging as it accompanies him on his way to his new home! Just meet him once, and we know you will adore him, too! And this little sweetie was absolutely made to be adored.
To meet, inquire about, or fill out an adoption form for Paintball, please visit aarf-tn.com/. Paintball will also be available for a meet and greet at Petco in Cookeville on Saturday, March 9th, from 12-6!

Adoptions and Statistics

A.A.R.F. Board of Directors is pleased to announce the 2012 Animal Stats

Intake: 1,752
Adoptions: 918
Transfers: 783
Euthanized: 0
Died in Our Care: 4

AARF started operations in June 2007. Since that time, stats are as follows:

Intake: 4,303
Adoptions: 2,369
Transfers: 1,797
Euthanized: 6 (Veterinary Recommendation Only)
Died in Our Care: 36

Pet of the Week: February 24th-March 3rd: TEENSIE



Breed: Yorkshire Terrier (Purebred!)
Weight: 7.5 Pounds
Age: 10 years

Special Considerations: Teensie is a senior pet, which means she needs someone with a great big heart to take her in! But don’t worry—even though she is a senior, based on the way she acts, you would never know it! She is so full of life, and she prances just like a puppy (on her most adorable tiny feet)! She has a clean bill of health from the veterinarian, who still can’t believe she is actually 10 years old. Bonus: Yorkshire Terriers are one of the longest-lived breeds of dogs, usually living well into the teen years. So this baby has a long life ahead of her!

Activity level: Teensie has a mild energy level. She actually loves her little walks, but she isn’t necessarily interested in training for any marathons!

Temperament: Teensie is incredibly loving! She adores everyone, and she is one of the kindest dogs you will ever meet. Despite her tiny diva-like appearance, Teensie is actually very down to earth…she is not an attention seeker, and she is perfectly content to just sit beside you quietly rather than being held constantly. She is also very quiet and rarely even barks!

Good with kids?: Yes! Teensie is very gentle, and she would be the perfect addition to a family with kids, as long as kids are taught to be equally as gentle!

Good with other pets?: Yes! Teensie is currently being fostered with other pets, and she is around any and all kinds of them at our adoption events and does just fine!

Ideal family: Teensie would make a wonderful pet for a family with children! Can you imagine a better way to teach kids about compassion and empathy than by rescuing a senior pet? She is so gentle and so loving, there simply could be no better addition to the family! Teensie would also make an absolute perfect companion for anyone who is just looking for a sweetheart to share their love with! And, for some reason, Teensie just adores men! This chickadee is just one cool little dog, and there’s no rulebook that says teacup pups are in any way unmanly!

Ideal day: Teensie would love to begin her day with some warm morning cuddles, followed by breakfast and a short walk. She will occupy herself quietly while you go to work, and give you the warmest welcome on her tiny prancing feet when you come home! She will sit beside you adoringly while you catch up on your reading of any and all James Patterson novels, and finally, she will show off her cuteness of the highest degree when her sweet little face closes its eyes to rest up for another fun day of wiggles and cutiepootery!

Attention level required: Teensie loves to be adored and petted, but she will be perfectly content to rest up fully for these things while you are off at work! (Just bring home a treat for Teensie, maybe?).

Housetrained?: Teensie is paper trained; however, because she came from a home where her elderly owner was not able to take her outside properly, she will need some extra attention when it comes to housetraining. So be patient, and she will get the hang of it in no time!

Space needed: Not a whole lot! Teensie is…well, teensie, so she would fit perfectly in a small apartment.

Previous experience needed?: The only thing Teensie needs a little extra help with is housetraining. Other than that, there is no reason why she would need an “experienced” dog owner. In fact, Teensie’s foster mom says she is one of the easiest dogs to care for she has ever had!

The best thing about Teensie: Teensie’s foster mom says her favorite thing about Teensie is that she just has tons of personality! She is so very loving, and she is so full of life! Teensie has an incredibly soulful face, and she has the most adorable little overbite you have ever seen! Her look is just as unique as her personality, and the overall combo just makes for one perfect little dog! As hard as we try, words simply cannot describe how wonderful this dog is! You simply have to meet her! Just one look into this sweet face, and your heart will swell to three times its normal size! (Trust us, it has happened to us already!) And the best part is, adopting a senior like Teensie will truly be one of the most rewarding experiences of your entire life.

Happy Tails from Joe & Liz

Joe and Liz Adopted Snow on 1 12 13.  Snow is great he sure is a daddys boy he sleeps on daddy side of the bed i think he is promble still mad at moma because she took him and got his teeth cleaned and he has not got over it until he wants to eat i love the a.a.r.f program because they take good care of those animals and i would adopt from them again thank you again for snow

Happy Tails from Lauren



Lauren adopted Abby & Cameron in August 2010.  Abby and Cameron are now known as Abby and Gideon.  Abby and Gideon are doing so well! They’ve made my little one bedroom apartment my home and continue to give me all the stories my friends can stand! They’ve grown so much! Especially Gideon. He’s very calm and very into yumz time. He makes me check his food bowl everytime I come home. As soon as I say something like, “You’ve got food” or “I see your food!” he’ll go back to napping. It’s so cute. Abby is a fireball. She’s energetic and generally all over the place! She’s the cat to blame when something falls because she’s always so curious. Sweet in her own way, Abby has her meaness in her, but she’s worth it (or so I tell myself when I’m bandaging a fresh scratch). All in all I’m very happy with my furry children and love that AARF brought us together.

Happy Tails from Tiffany





Tiffany adopted Lilly11/3/2012 .  Tiffany’s new name is now Blondie.  My husband had been wanting another dog since we had lost our lil girl doxie 6 months before. I wasnt ready and I looked at other rescues and he would send me pictures of dogs daily. One day while at home I noticed Bolt just sitting there playing all alone. I figured it was time ….So I started checking out places and when I got to Lilly(Now Blondie) a lab doxi mix I stopped to read her story: Blondie was found abandoned on the side of the road, naked and hairless from mange and suffering from parasites and malnutrition. The person who found her thought she would never recover so they brought her to the vet to be put down. The vet was going to, but then Blondie looked up into her eyes and wagged her little tail. At that moment, the vet knew that Blondie was going to fight to recover. A kind foster home has took Blondie in after the vet got her mostly healthy. She has regained her hair and her life! Once I was done I called my husband and sent him the link to check her out. He fell in love with her. I emailed aarf to see if she was available and to set up a time to see Bolts reactions. Everything was great! She was nervous the first day. We took her to meet family and they loved her too… got a bit spoiled since they had a cookout. Lots of hand outs were given and her grandpa loves his new grandpuppy 🙂 she has now been with us for several months and I dont see how we lived with out the lil stinker. She does great in the car and is rarely nervous.. unless she sees the vacuum. Thank you aarf for helping us find our forever bit of sunshine Blondie.