Fosters and Parvo Situation


I arrived at the shelter today to find a ton of Puppies -they are everywhere…I am begging now, more than ever – if you have ever considered fostering, PLEASE call me or send me an email.  These animals need you desperately.  I am working on potential transports for these pups, but we need time, which they do not have.  To those new fosters who have joined us – Michelle, Betsy, Jenny and Robyn – THANK YOU!  We are so happy to have you aboard.  If you are reading this and thinking about adopting, see some of the photos below of some of the BEAUTIES at the shelter right now…and stop by TODAY to meet them.  They are desperately waiting for you.  The people at the shelter know what is coming, and they are dreading the thought…PLEASE help them!  (Scroll down to see photos of pups taken 2/5/10).


For those of you following this story, I believe that we are FINALLY out of the woods – we have been at this for 2 weeks, have cared for 21 puppies with exposure to this virus.  11 total confirmed cases, 2 hospitalized, and 3 deaths.

Jack – Adopted!

Buck – Adopted!

Kora Needs A foster home and/or adopter!  High energy love bug!  That is how I describe her.  She wiggles and jumps and twirls…and always wants to be near people!  A FABULOUS personality with so much love to offer!  As some of you know, A.A.R.F. has a special place for black dogs in general, since they always seem to be overlooked.  PLEASE look into the eyes of this beautiful girl and offer to give her the life that she deserves!

Cassidy – Adopted!

Natalie – RIP sweet Nattie…you are missed.

Sandy – Goes into a foster home today, 2/6!  She is seeking a forever home as well, but will be glad to get out of my house, that’s for sure!  She is being fostered by one of our previos adopters who adopted a recovered Parvo Pup herself!  Sandy has a very sweet and submissive temperament and gets along well with other dogs.  I have noticed a bit of “treat guarding”, but aside from that, she does great!!!  Please consider Sandy as the newest addition to your family!

Shannon – Needs a foster and/or adopter!  She is the big footed, tripping over her feet goofball that we all know and love.  She is a BEAUTIFUL girl with a gorgeous wavy coat – cmpletely black except for a white chin!  Very different!  She has a fabulous temperament and would make an EXCELLENT pet for anyone with or without kids!  Please consider Shannon…

James (Chuck) – Talk about a sweetheart….the only reason he is not pre-adopted is because he looks like your typical black lab mix dog that is EVERYWHERE in this region!  This boy is awesome.  He LOVES to play, LOVES to snuggle, LOVES to give kisses, and LOVVVVVES his toys!  Seriously…he waits for his little toy to come out of the dryer every day and then he jumps around until I give it to him!  TOO CUTE!  James needs a foster home, as well as a forever home….

Sage – Why is she still with me?  She is SO beautiful!  And SOOOO precious.  Calm and comforting, as well as playful and energetic!  It’s like this little pup understands the words “Calm Down!”.  She sits, submits and does wonderfully when I tell her No.  She is VERY smart, and in a positive way!  Her eyes look into you and it’s like she knows exactly what is going through your head….you must meet her to see for yourself.  Pictures do NOT do her justice.  Wait until you see that beautiful face…and the one black spot on her hip!  VERY unique!

Linda – RIP little girl…you fought REAL hard…

Chris – He is staying at the shelter temporarily until we can find a foster home for him.  NEEDS FOSTER/ADOPTER QUICK!

Karen – RIP Sweet quiet girl…Karen was a fighter, and she lost the fight 2/4/10.  She started coming around and drinking a TON of water.  I thought for sure she would pull through.  She waited until my 3PM rounds were through, and my husband found her when he got home. 

Angel – Adopted!

Christy – Back at the shelter praying for adoption….NEED FOSTER/ADOPTER NOW!!

Rhonda – Working through her shyness issues in her new foster home with Betsy and her daughter, who Rhonda seems to have taken a liking to!  Still looking for a forever home for her…

Jennie – WE HAVE FOUND A FOSTER HOME FOR JENNIE!!!!!  Thanks Robyn!  She still needs a forever home, though….??

Armondo – Need Foster/Adopter for this sweet and wonderful dog!  You talk about a LOVER!  He does this mighty dog run all around the basement when he gets out of his crate then runs back to me and jumps until I pick him up and give him kisses.  He is a SWEETHEART!  And SOOOOO gorgeous.  We are treating a spot on his forehead where he appears to have lost a bit of hair.  more updates to come on that…

Reece – Back at the shelter looking for a home…NEED FOSTER/ADOPTER NOW!!

Jonas – Needs Foster/Adopter.  He is going stir crazy in his kennel.  We sent a lot back to socialize for this reason.  Jonas was sick at that time…we cannot send him back now, we need to get A TON out first!  Please consider Jonas….he is SUCH a sweet boy and SO special….come meet him-you’lll see!

Johnny – Sent back to the shelter for adoption…..NEED FOSTER/ADOPTER NOW!

Lisa – Sent back to the shelter KNOWING that she would be adopted….she is tiny and cute and SO sweet and Sassy….no adoption yet…..NEED FOSTER/ADOPTER NOW!!

This is getting desperate.  We will need to figure something out, and I am just not sure where our miracle is going to come from this time…we need you – caring, compassionate people who can take even just one animal in to foster while we try to find a place for it.  Or Consider adopting a second, third, fourth….it would literally mean the world to them!






Update on Parvo Situation

It has been a rough weekend and week.  From being snowed in to losing another pup, I think we were ALL going stir crazy. 


Cassidy has been officially pre-adopted to a home out of Tennessee.  She is doing great – still eating like a horse and LOVING playtime with the other healthy pups.  Her favorite new activity is CLIMBING!  Yes, she has learned how to climb wire crates….I call her my little Ape!  I plan on continuing to foster her until she goes to her new home on the 20th.


Kora is still a wild child.  Running, bouncing, loving on me always and sucking down her food like one of the big pups.  She is being held here for another week to watch for any potential signs to appear.


Natalie – I lost Natalie suddenly on Sunday evening.  Natalie had started coming around late Saturday and was showing signs of improvement.  She followed all of the typical signs that the others had.  Apparently, though, the Clavamox was not effective in treating what appears to be a respiratory condition which appeared suddenly Sunday Afternoon.  I had moved her upstairs Sunday morning to monitor her, as she seemed a bit lethargic Sunday morning.  I was on the phone with our veterinarian when she suddenly started breathing heavily and crying.  I dropped the phone and went to pick her up to put her in the car and she had already passed.  Needless to say, she took a piece of me with her.  I had one of our vets come to the house to diagnose the others and to assure me that I was following protocol.  As I was told, this is just how things happen sometimes with this horrific virus.  Unfortunately, that does not stop my heart from aching.  RIP sweet Nattie…you were loved.


Jack is doing well in his new foster home – and despite their efforts to NOT adopt this one, I have been informed that the possibility does exist…he is in love with ALL of them, and ALL of them,kids included, are in love with him…


Buck is doing great!  He was transferred to a foster home yesterday and I have never seen him move so quick!  He was running and playing and roughousing with his new foster mom through the night.  He has been pre-adopted out of state and will be going home next week sometime! 



Shannon is still a big footed, clumsy goofball!  She is SO much fun!  Very healthy and active and is enjoying playtime with the other healthy puppies.  We are seeking a foster home for her still…


Beautiful little Sage….just look at her!  She is the most beautiful and precious little girl.  Granted, she gets going and she is a wild pup at best!  But knows when to stop, and reacts to reprimands by sitting.  She is a VERY well behaved baby who just needs a good home.  She also needs a foster home….?



Previously James, now renamed “Chuck” was ill for a while.  I was getting quite concerned about him.  Luckily, yesterday, he turned the corner and is now back to healthy status.  Solid stool, eating A LOT, and getting into mischief again….I missed him!!!  He will need a foster for a few weeks to build his immunity back up.



Sandy is SUCH a SWEET SWEET DOG!!!  VERY submissive, and shy…but fun and playful as well.  After she was released from the hospital, we brought her into a crate upstairs to monitor her.  We have started letting her run with our dogs a few times a day, and she just blends right in.  My family ALL agrees that she has got the sweetest and calmest personality of all of the dogs that we have had.  She is doing GREAT health wise and we are looking for a foster home that can spend more time with her than we are able to.



Jennie is an older pup and showed no signs of Parvo from the start.  We decided that it was in her best interest to go back to the shelter, along with 5 others who had healed/recovered to try to find a home quicker.  Confining her to a crate was not in her best interest.  The shelter has kennel runs where she can go in and out.  Completely crate trained, the poor thing would hold it until the next “out” time and had her own special spot on the basement floor.  We never got any offers to foster Jennie – if anyone is interested, we can pull her back out of the shelter and put her into your home temporarily.  She is DEFINITELY a sweetheart and DESERVES the best that life has to offer.  If the shelter gets full, Jenny and the others will come back here temporarily.



Another older pup, Reece never showed a sign and was returned to the shelter with Jennie.  You should have seen them when they got there – playing and romping and having a good old time!!!  Same situation as Jennie above….WE NEED FOSTERS!  Leaving them in crates is the ONLY option in my home at this time…WITHOUT foster homes, it is not fair to isolate them to a 42″ crate – if the shelter fills up, she will go back in that crate…but until then, ADOPT!  FOSTER!  Contact us or the shelter…we would love to match you up with Reece or another sweet pup/dog from the shelter.



Johnny showed parvo like signs for only 2 days, and was back on his paws!  We held him to ensure he was recovered, and returned him to the shelter to increase his chances of adoption (A.A.R.F. only operates one day a week in public – the shelter is open 6 days a week!!!).  We are hoping that Border Collie rescue will come and take him away!!!  Such a SWEET personality!



Chris showed only slight signs for 2 days, like Johnny, so we brought him back as well.  He is a VERY active pup and was going absolutely insane in his crate all the time.  He is much happier back at the shelter. 



Poor little Karen.  This about kills me. She was the quiet one – the one that never complained or fussed or whined or anything.  She was in a standalone crate, not stacked like the others. She was always the last one to be cleaned and fed, and she would come out of her crate ever so gently and quietly.  She would eat her food gradually – never in one bite like the others.  A perfect little lady.  She would get bored through the day and would pull at some of the bed sheets on the shelf above her crate and bring them into her crate through the top – to make it look like she had a canaopy going on.  Absolutely beatiful, sweet girl.  Monday she started showing symptoms.  Today they have gotten worse.  She is continuing to fight and is still alert.  We have vet confirmation that we are doing everything correctly – but her chances don’t look so good right now.  I ask everyone who reads this to PLEASE PRAY for Karen.  She is quiet – but strong.  She just has to make it…



Tell me this is not the most handsome dog…Armondo has fully recovered from his bout with Parvo and is being held until he is strong enough for adoption.  He is playful, active, eating and everything is looking AWESOME!  He’s really like a foster home….or a forever home…??



Tiimid little Rhonda…so untrusting of people.  SO much potential….and someone read that on my last post and gracefully requested to foster her.  She arrived in her foster home yesterday, and the update today said “She is warming up to us a little bit. She will now come back in the house if I move way back out of the way of the door. The first few times I took her out it took a while to get her back in and I ended up having to prop the door open and move way back into the basement. This morning she even walked back up the basement steps on her own. When she doesn’t think I’m watching she plays. She tries to get the dogs to play with her but they act like they are scared of her”.  Thanks again, Betsy! 



Jonas, the second Border Collie pup, has FINALLY recovered from his experience with Parvo.  He is eating, playing, romping and having a GREAT time with the others….seeking foster home……?



Christy also recovered and she is back at the shelter seeking her forever home.  She is shy at first, but warms up quick.  LOVES her food and LOVES other dogs…if we had more foster space, we would have kept her in a heartbeat….



Lisa has also recovered no problem.  Back at the shelter seeking her forever home…Tiny little thing….I would think she would be adopted VERY quickly!



Oh sweet little Angel….for those of you just reading this for the first time, Angel was brought into the shelter one of the days that I was volunteering there.  I put her on my list to pull, as she was black and white and reminded me a bit of a Boston Terrier (my favorite breed).  She was adopted, and then returned on the 25th after she was diagnosed with Parvo.  Assuming the worst, I brought her home, and was preparing her fluids, when I look over and she was sucking down a bowl of canned food…???  Very unlike parvo.  I started her on the Tamiflu prevention and SubCu Fluids – she went through the normal Tamiflu reactions that especially the little ones (in my experience) go through.  I moved her upstairs when I saw little improvement and BOOM!  This cannonball just appears out of nowhere.  We assume now that she was just depressed.  She NEEDS to be near people – miss social butterfly just MUST BE center of attention!  She started eating, drinking, and playing and her stool solidified within a matter of a few days.  She was pre-adopted on Monday and will go to her new home on Saturday.  This time – it IS a forever home!  She is going to someone who wants HER just as much as SHE wants her new MAMA!!!




A.A.R.F. is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) no kill animal rescue organization.  We survive ONLY on donations from the public.  Without YOU and people LIKE YOU, A.A.R.F. could not and would not exist.  Please donate as much as you can…the next ones are waiting for us to save their lives.

Thank you,

Jennifer Farley, President

Parvo Update

Rhonda is a 4-5 Month old terrier possibly lab mix. She is very timid and will need a bit of socialization. She could use a foster who has patience and time to spend with her while she continues to learn to trust humans. She has come a long way, but has a ways left to travel. Has shown absolutely no sign of parvo and is scheduled to be released from quarantine on Monday.

We have a few crashing, but things are under control.  This is common when a pup contracts Parvo under this experimental treatment in my experience.  This is similar to the situation with Cassidy, Lisa, and Buck previously.  We are monitoring them hourly and they continue to stay hydrated, which is very important with Parvo.  We are on our 4th refill of Tamiflu and found a pharmacy that charges us $30 less than the one previously.  We still need sponsors – please consider donating! 

10-12 Week Old Black Lab Mix - Needing Foster Home for 2 weeks to allow her immune system to build back up after being exposed to Parvo. Sage resisted the virus and never showed any signs. She has been isolated for over 7 days now.
8-10 Week Old Terrier Mix - Needing Foster Home for 2 weeks to allow her immune system to build back up after being exposed to Parvo. Lisa was fighting Parvo for 3 days but overcame it and is eating, drinking and playing once again.
Cassidy is a 8-10 Week Old Rottie Mix Female. She came to me pretty punky but was immediately put on parvo prevention treatment. She has been non-stop energy since! Cassidy is already pre-adopted and needs a foster home for just 2 weeks.
James is a 10-12 week old Black Lab Mix Male. He is typically full of energy, but has now contracted what we believe the be the Parvo virus. He is continuing his medications and is being monitored hourly and staying hydrated - typically this will end after about 3-4 days. He is on day 2 today. He will be held until he is clear of any symptoms.
Natalie is an 8-10 Week old Lab mix Female Pup - we believe she will be small. She is currently on day 3 of showing signs of Parvo and is continuing her medications and is getting a bit more perky as the days go on. She is drinking, but not yet eating much. We are expecting to see symptoms subside in the next 24 hours. Once symptoms are gone, she will need a foster home for 2 weeks until she is strong enough for her Spay surgery.
Johnny is a 10-12 week old Border Collie Mix pup. He has shown slight signs of the parvo virus, but has continued to eat and drink and play. We is on isolation through Monday, February 1. He will need a foster home after this time for 2 weeks until h will be strong enough for his neuter surgery.
Oh Kora...8-10 week old Female Cora....WILD CHILD Cora....She used to be calm and sweet - now she is NON STOP ENERGY! So maybe she did contract the virus...some pups just blow it off that quick. She will need a VERY ACTIVE foster home for 2 weeks...
Shannon is a 10-12 Week old Black Lab Mix. She is very big and clumsy..she kinda gallops when she runs. She is a BUNDLE of joy and love and has shown no sign of Parvo. She has been in isolation for over 7 days now. She will need a foster home for 2 weeks before going in for her spay surgery.
Reece is a 4-5 Month Female Yellow Lab Mix who is just ALL about having fun and loving on her favorite humans and dogs!!! Has shown NO signs of Parvo whatsoever and is READY TO GET OUT!!! How about fosterin Reece for 2 weeks while her immunity builds to be fixed?
Jonas is a 10-12 Week old Border Collie Mix Male. He is currently experiencing symptoms of the Parvo virus. He is continuing to be treated, and is remaining hydrated. He is on day 2 of symptoms. Once recovered, he will need a foster home for 2 weeks. Can you help?
Karen is a 10-12 week old Heeler mix pup. She is SUCH a sweetheart and needs a foster home for 2 weeks. She has shown no signs of Parvo since arriving.


Jennie is a 4-5 Month Old Terrier Mix. She is a VERY SWEET and submissive girl who could use a little help on the confidence end. She cowers down even when she's happy...Never a sign of Parvo - needs a foster home for 2 weeks until her spay appointment.
Armondo is a gorgeous chocolate and white male setter mix. He is currently experiencing signs of parvo for the last 3 days but is happy and active and we are praying for a turnaround within 24 hours. Once he recovers, he will need a foster home for 2 weeks.
Christy is a 10-12 week old female German Shepherd Mix Pup. She is very shy at first, but warms up quickly. She is very well behaved as well. She has shown slight signs of the parvo virus, but continues to eat and drink. She needs a foster home for 2 weeks.
Chris is a 10-12 week old Heeler Mix. He is very friendly, very playful and VERY sweet. Shown no signs of parvo and needs a foster for 2 weeks.
Sandy is a 10 week old Border Collie Mix Female pup. She is a parvo survivor. A confirmed case - she was hospitalized for 4 days and released yesterday, 1/28/10. She is doing well - a bit weak, but eating, drinking and even barking sometimes now!! She needs a foster home where she can get the attention that she so desperately needs.
Buck, Jack and Angel are also all doing very well.  Buck will go to his new foster home once the roads clear from this storm.  Jack is doing just wonderfully in his new foster home.  And Angel is just that – an absolute angel – and is lively, active, and eating like a HORSE!!!
Buck, awaiting the snow to clear, so he can go into his new foster home with Michelle!
Jack Loves his foster brothers and sisters - both human and canine and feline alike! Thanks Jenny (and Kelly...and no, she can't adopt him!)
Angel has turned the corner. She has lost a lot of weight, but is regaining her strength and has become VERY active! We expect her to regain her lost weight within a week or so. She LOVES her foster home - just wants to get out and play more than she is allowed to!!!

Update on Allie

Allie did NOT have to have ANY teeth pulled!!!  She got a real good cleaning, and pre-anesthetic blood panel – and she is in GREAT shape!  Dr. Barker with Copeland Veterinary Hospital perfomed the procedure, and even he seemed surprised at how well everything turned out.  Upon pickup, Allie was running around, happy and cheerful and has recovered just fine.  THANK YOU Dr. Barker for contacting A.A.R.F. and for such a WONDERFUL outcome for Allie.  We now have another new veterinary partner that we look forward to seeing for many years to come.                                                                                   Previously, Allie would lick at her teeth and shake her head a lot.  It was rare to see her hold her head up.  But now, we can see those beautiful little eyes all the time!  She is LOVING to roll over on her back to get belly rubs – She just feels SO much better.  Thanks to all of you who donated towards her procedure.  She feels like a million bucks!

Dr. Barker gave Allie a real good ear cleaning – she is no longer shaking her head excessively, trying to scratch in her ears.  Although Allie is blind and deaf, both, she has a great sense of direction and LOVES to maze her way through the house.  Everytime one of these chairs is out, she climbs through it over and over again.  She truly is a wonderful character.

Parvo Survivors Need Foster Homes

2 days left and many can come out of quarantine and go directly into foster homes…problem is, we need more foster homes to house them all!

10 Pups turned into 21 in an attempt to assist one of our partners in getting their facilities cleaned up and sanitized.  We have lost only 1 of these pups – one that tested positive 4 days prior to her arrival here.  Little Linda fought as hard as she could, but just could not survive this horrible disease. 

We have found foster homes for only 3 of these puppies – and have 1 pre-adopted – we need 16 more placed.  Can you open your home to 1 or 2 even for just 2 weeks to allow them to heal and recover from their precautionary treatment?  We want their immune systems to build just a little bit more before we vaccinate them all with their second vaccine.  After that, we hold them for at least 1 week before we get them spayed or neutered.

Here is what we have:

Labrador Retriever Picture

Natalie – 10 Week Female Feist Mix Female

Labrador Retriever Picture

Kora – 10 Week old Feist Mix Female

Labrador Retriever Picture

Shannon – 12 Week Old Black Lab Mix Female

Yellow Labrador Retriever Picture

Sage – 10 Week Old Yellow Lab Mix Female

Labrador Retriever Picture

James – 12 Week Old Black Lab Mix Male

Border Collie Picture

Sandy – 10 Week Old Border Collie Mix – was just released (1/28) from veterinary hospital.

Airedale Terrier Picture

Jennie – 4-5 Month Young Female Pup – Crate Trained, Submissive, Sweet…Aierdale Terrier Mix

Labrador Retriever Picture

Reece – 16 Week Yellow Lab Mix Female

Border Collie Picture

Johnny – 12 Week Border Collie Mix Male

Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler Picture

Chris – 10 Week Heeler Pup Male

Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler Picture

Karen – 10 Week Female Heeler Pup

Setter Picture

Armondo – 10 Week Setter Mix Pup Male

Terrier Picture

Rhonda – 6 Month Female Feist Mix – Scared – Just now learning to trust…she is going to be an amazing dog!!!

Border Collie Picture

Jonas – 12 Week Border Collie Mix Male

German Shepherd Dog Picture

Christy – Female German Shepherd Mix Pup 10 Weeks

Terrier Picture

Lisa – 9 Week Old Terrier Mix Pup-Female

Email or call for more details about fostering.  (931) 260-8018. Your help is desperately needed!

Update on Parvo Puppies

Click here to read the full story on these puppies from the beginning.

JACK is HOME! He arrived on Monday, hungry, healthy and full of energy. He is being transferred to Jenny’s foster home in Monterey to recover and get some special TLC today~

I picked up Jack on Monday, and brought Sandy in to replace him. Although there was no sign of blood in stool, she was vomitting bile and was continuing to need fluids. I visited with her today and she looked good. Bright, alert, but still not ready to come home. We are all praying that she will start eating tomorrow -which is always the indicator that they are ready to be released. Dr. McLaughlin and Warlick believe she will recover just fine.

James is just about out of quarantine – no problems, no symptoms, no reactions. He is SUCH a gorgeous pup and will make someone an excellent addition to their family. He stole a toy out of the toy box (apparently he did not like the one I provided him with). Even during playtime, he carried it with him everywhere. I am in love with this pup….he is such a sweetheart!

Sage is my little hoover vacuum. Running around during playtime trying to pick up anything and everyting in an attempt to eat it! SUCH a sweet and loveable personality. Follows me everywhere when she has her run time. No symptoms, reactions or signs. 4 days left in quarantine!

Shannon….she must have some pyranese in her….talk about a sweet, slow, happy-go-lucky personality….she is definitely a keeper!!! Whoever adopts her will be so lucky to have her. No symptoms, signs or reactions. I will really miss her when she is transferred to another foster home!!!

Cassidy has found her peace. We added a new addition on the left side of her on Monday and she seems to have settled down some. no more howling or screaming to get out – just enjoys the company of our new boy to the left of her. She sure did enjoy her playtime tonight. She ran like “Mighty Dog” around my “L” shaped basement – knocking into things, tipping things over – she had SUCH a blast. She ended by jumping on my legs and into my arms for a little nuzzle into my pony tai. She is obsessed with my hair!

Kora – SUCH a sweetie!!! So quiet – never makes a sound – until playtime. It’s like she knows that she is here for a reason and she never complains about it. She accepts it and waits for me to come pick her up and cuddle with her. Instead of playtime, she just likes for me to carry her with me while I clean out her crate, make her meal, and get her meds ready. Yes, it is dificult to do this one-handed…but worth it. She likes to give kisses on my nose….she loves my nose!

Natalie – She always seemed like she was cold…so I moved her closer to the wood stove. She sleeps through EVERYTHING now! She LOVES the heat!!! But when she wakes up, watch out! She is ready to PLAY!!!!!!!

Buck – What can I say about awesome little Buck. He has a gant about him that excudes confidence in a dog – let alone a puppy! His newest game is “Hey! Let’s see where foster mom stashed the empty cans of food!!!” It is not uncommon for me to find him amidst 2 or 3 at a time. What an awesome dog….anyone would be blessed to have him as part of their family!

As you can see, everyone is doing great! We have NO negative news to report. We have 4 remaining days in quarantine until these WONDERFUL pups can be transferred to other foster homes. Assuming they continue to show no more signs through Saturday, they will receive their second vaccination on Saturday, transferred to new foster homes if available, and scheduled for the spay/neuter surgeries a week or so later. We always try to wait at least 7 days after administering a vaccination before sending them in to be fixed. We want their immune system top notch to prepare for the surgery!

Vet bills are piling up now. Jack’s treatment cost around $300. We got more meds today for prevention in the ones here – another $400. Sandy’s treatment should be somewhere similar to Jack’s if she can come home today. $100/day. We are just continuing to pray for each of these pups, and thanking Best Friends for their continued support of our rescue efforts – and for always extending us the credit that we need to ensure quality treatment for all of our rescue animals.


In 2007, shortly after A.A.R.F. began rescuing animals, Hannah and her 2 brothers and 1 sister were rescued from the Hilham area. Within 1 week, parvo symptoms became apparent. All 4 puppies were hospitalized – and only Hannah survived. This was A.A.R.F.’s first experience with PARVO, and it became their mission to learn everything that there was to learn about the disease. Ironically, Jennifer is dog-sitting Hannah this week. She lays below little Linda as if to tell her “I fought – so can you!”. Here are some photos of Hannah then and now.

This is Hannah in 2007 the day before she was diagnosed with Parvo.
This is Hannah, today, 1/24/10 - Healthy, Happy and VERY much loved and spoiled by her Mom and Dad.

To donate supplies – please call (931) 260-8018 and leave a message to let us know that you are making a donation. You can bring your donations to PETCO and leave them with a manager on duty. We will have volunteers available to pick them up and transport them to Jennifer.

To donate money to help with the expenses, click the “donate” link to the right, or you can bring it to a manager at PETCO, or mail it to us at P.O. Box 4074, Cookeville, TN 38502.

Thank you for your support. For more information on PARVO, please click on the following link:

Kiss “Chuck” for a $Buck

A.A.R.F. will hold a special Valentines Day Fundraiser/event on Saturday, February 13 2010 at PETCO in Cookeville.  All of our adoptable pets will be there waiting to find their forever homes – hoping to find the love of their life – YOU!  For a donation, we will have special hand-made valentine hearts available, and our second annual “Kiss Chuck for a $Buck”.  Chuck, a tall, dark and devistatingy handsome Lab mix will be waiting to give YOU all the kisses you can handle…but it will cost you!  Chuck is asking for $1 for all the kisses you want from him – and thanking you for saving his life.  Chuck is a PARVO survivor.  Without A.A.R.F., Chuck never would have survived.    Now A.A.R.F. needs you to help us help the next one…All proceeds will be used towards PARVO treatment bills from January 2010, and future special needs medical treatment expenses if amount raised exceeds liability.

Chuck is a 10-12 Week Young Black Lab Mix Pup and is available for adoption.


The City of Cookeville Leisure Services Department is proud to present DOGAPALOOZA AT DOGWOOD PARK!  This event will consist of various animal demonstrations, an off-leash play area, vendors, activities for owners and dogs, educational areas and will end with a live music concert by “Jokers Wild”.  Come visit A.A.R.F.  here, on Saturday, May 15th from 1-5PM!  Admission is $2 per person, 12 and under FREE!

A.A.R.F. Statistics-Updated for 2009

A.A.R.F. set a goal in April of 2009 to hit the 1000 rescue mark by year end 2009.  We accomplished this goal, and are now looking to double this by end of year 2010.  This is a tough target to hit, but we are certainly going to do our best to reach it.  With additional foster homes who are dedicated and committed to spay and neuter to assist in ending the animal overpopulation crisis in our region, we as a group will continue to pull animals as room becomes available in an effort to save more lives.  Remember – anyone who allows their animals to reproduce are contributing to the problem.  Millions of shelter animals die each year because there are not enough homes for all of them.  By allowing your animals to reproduce, you are taking animals lives in an animal shelter.  THINK ADOPTION FIRST! 

   2007 2008 2009 TO DATE
Intake 205 278 525 1008
Adoptions 182 267 449 898
Returns 13 12 13 38
  2007 2008 2009 TO DATE
Operating Mos 5 12 12 29
  2007 2008 2009 TO DATE
Intake/Mo 41.0 23.2 43.8 34.8
Adopt/Mo 36.4 22.3 37.4 31.0
Return Rate 6.3% 4.3% 2.5% 3.8%
Avg Days In Foster 32.32 48.42 59.59  
  2007 2008 2009 TO DATE
Shelter Pulls 3 5 130 138
  2007 2008 2009 TO DATE
OUT OF TN 4 11 52 67

Thank you for your donations! Allie can get her surgery!

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the fund to get Allie, the 10+ year young Poodle Mix’s teeth fixed so that she can enjoy the rest of her life without pain.  The $400 was raised, and an appointment will be made Monday, 1/25/10 to schedule the procedure.  ALLIE THANKS YOU VERY MUCH!!!

Allie is a 10+ year young poodle mix female. She is available for adoption to the right home only. She suffers from chronic ear infections, she is blind as well as deaf, and she needs a stage 4 dental - thanks to you, A.A.R.F. is now able to pay for this procedure so that she may live out the rest of her life with no pain.