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Barn donated to AARF to boost canine rescue efforts

For clarification purposes, we would like to address a miscommunication that was printed in Monday’s Herald-Citizen (4/5/2010).  A.A.R.F. was at one point looking at the possibility of renovating two barns in Cookeville for use as a shelter, but it was determined quite some time ago that the use of these barns would not be in our best interest.  Instead, we are working on renovating a building on the property of one of our board members.  Although not as large as the two barns, this building already has electric and concrete and is secure and the cost will be much less expensive then renovating even one of those barns.
The new barn referenced in the article is going to be used as a temporary shelter for puppies, and we can’t wait to show you the pictures of it. Check back soon to see the renovations!
As always, we appreciate the support of our local newspaper!

Ready to Begin Construction

Our Kennels are here!  We have our building!  Now we need to make the dream a reality!  Here is what we need to make this happen:

  • The rafters in this building need to be repaired, as they are patched and not supported properly
  • The slope on one side of the building needs to be dug out, and proper drainage needs to be implemented to avoid water getting into the building, as it does currently.
  • There are cracks and hole throughout the building that need to be patched.  We have found Copperheads in this building previously.
  • A ceiling and good lighting will need to be installed.
  • The floor will need to be sealed.
  • There is a window in the back of the building that we would like to turn into a door.
  • There is currently no water or sewage servicing this building.  We will need that.
  • The building will need to be insulated.
  • The building will need to be ventilated properly, and a heating/cooling solution will need to be implemented for the very hot and cold months.

If you can assist, PLEASE contact Jennifer through email at info@aarf-tn.com or by telephone at (931) 260-8018


Update on Cocker Spaniels

We are pleased to report that our boys, Freckles and Drake, have made an AMAZING transformation into quite handsome fellows!  Marilyn did an EXCELLENT job with their groom, and has taken such wonderful care of them this week.  Today they are at the Humane Society of Putnam County Spay Neuter Clinic being neutered and vetted.  We already have a very promising application on Drake…we are hoping for the same for Freckles.  These boys deserve a loving home….

New Friends, New Opportunities

As most of you are aware, AARF volunteers have been slowing down on intake to concentrate on completing our no kill shelter facility.  This has been very difficult for most of us, since our passion in life IS saving these animals from life threatening situations.  So when a new friend called this morning and said “Hey….I have a solution to your shelter situation”, we rushed to the scene immediately to see this solution.

This new friend, currently remaining anonymous, has offered a part of their barn that was previously used years ago for pigs.  The stalls are setup already, and it sits on concrete – exactly what we need for an immediate solution!  We spent the day cleaning the area up, while the guys worked on removing the pen dividers, making plans to turn the electric back on, run water to this part of the barn, and create proper drainage for the pens.

We cannot express our appreciation enough to this kind family who has made our dream a reality.  We expect to start intake once again in the next month, and will continue on our path to assist and support local animal shelters in our region.

This space will really help us get up and going! But with this new opportunity will come a new wishlist of things that we will need; especially more foster homes and supplies for this new space. Donations of dog crates / kennels and Kuranda Dog Beds are also needed.

Crossville Cruz-N


Please visit their website at


Great Cars!  Great Music!  Great Fun!


A.A.R.F. Thanks Downtown Crossville, Inc. for inviting us to be a part of the numerous events planned in 2010.

April 23rd-25th:  Crossville Garden Show

April 24th:  Cruise In

May 15th:  Paw & Order

May 22nd:  Cruise In

June 26th:  Cruise In

July 24th:  Cruise In

August 28th:  Cruise In

September 11th:  Depot Days

September 25th:  Cruise In

October 23rd:  Cruise In

Neglected Cocker Spaniels Need Your Help

We in rescue sometimes come across animals that literally take our breath away…like we have trouble breathing at the thought that anyone could treat an animal so poorly.  Such is the case that happened today.  A.A.R.F. received a call from a concerned citizen about 2 severely neglected dogs that her mom had been feeding.  She agreed to take the animals into her care until A.A.R.F. could find a suitable foster placement for them.

We arrived to do an initial analysis of these dogs, two boys, Freckles and Drake, and our hearts literally sank at the sight of them.  Drake was the worst of the two….you could not tell where his ears were amidst the tremendous mattes in his fur.  We continuously lost track of his feet – matting from his torso right down his legs.  He walked with a limp – most likely due to matting and sores underneath this horrific mess.  Freckles had feces caked onto his rear side.  Every time he wagged his tail, we kept hearing a clinking sound.  I cannot express in words how heartbreaking this situation was.

But what always amazes us is that these animals, despite their condition, are always in such GREAT spirits – such as with these boys.  Freckles wagged non-stop, while Drake rolled over on his back and enjoyed rubs to every place we could get to not covered by matting.  The lady who saved these animals stated that before her mom started feeding them, you could literally feel and see every bone in their body.  This abuse / neglect had been going on for quite some time – and we thank her for stepping in and saving these dogs from a slow, agonizing death.

Marilyn Weinke is our groomer – we placed an emergency call to her and were told to bring the boys up immediately.  We expect to pick them up sometime tomorrow and look forward to seeing brand new dogs!!!  Marilyn, who has worked with hundreds of cases similar to this, chuckled when I dropped them off this afternoon…she said that she has seen this and worse, and that I will not even recognize these dogs when I pick them up tomorrow!  We truly appreciate her confidence, and feel so blessed to have her as part of our team.

With cruelty cases such as this, expenses tend to add up VERY quickly.  They need to go on a high calorie, high nutrition content food, and will need to be seen by a veterinarian next week.  A.A.R.F. adoption fees barely cover the cost of the spay/neuter surgeries and typical vetting that we do – therefore we are looking, once again, for assistance in getting these boys seen by a veterinarian to tell us when we should be able to take them in for their surgeries.  Because of the malnourishment and life of suffering that they recently had, they are more likely to have certain diseases and conditions, all which will have to be identified by one our of Veterinarians.  A typical office visit and testing can range from $100-$150 for each dog.  A.A.R.F. relies on the public to take care of these animals financially.  If these animals had shown up at a high kill shelter in the condition that they were in, they would have most likely been euthanized.  Please consider donating to see that they get the medical attention that they need and deserve.

Hope and Darcy’s Story

Hope, now Bella, was rescued in 2007 from a horrific situation of abuse, neglect and cruelty.  She was skin and bones upon arrival and very insecure.  When I pet her for the first time, my heart ached…she loved it so much, she just wanted more.  She would paw at me, as if to say “Please…don’t stop”.  Shortly after arrival, we posted her on Petfinder as a special case.  We posted her story and told the public that she would ONLY be adopted to the perfect home – and if it took a lifetime to find, we would wait.  This girl, after what she had been through, deserved the best life that a human could possibly offer. 

Within 24 hours of posting her story, Terri walked into Petco asking to see her.  I explained that she was not at Petco, and that because of her situation, we were very picky about the type of home she would go to.  She told me about her and Michael’s previous dog, Misty, – and how they had done everything they could to make her final days comfortable for her.  She told me the stories of how they would take her out on their boat – for rides in the golf cart – and how she was their child, and that they were so heartbroken that she had passed.  I left Petco, picked up Hope, and brought her back for a meet and greet.  She and Michael agreed that they wanted to adopt her.

We scheduled a home visit and Hope made herself comfortable immediately.  All was well on it’s way to being the perfect home.  The following day, we took Hope to the vet for an exam, and it was determined that she was Heartworm Positive.  Dr. Wearing (who also treated Misty) called Michael and explained the situation.  I held my breath, praying that they would still want to follow through with the adoption.  When he hung up the phone, Dr. Wearing looked at me and said “Michael told me to tell you that they don’t want her….JUST KIDDING – he wanted me to mess with you a little bit!”.  In actuality, not only did they want her, but they wanted to pay for her treatment and take her home immediately to start putting on some weight in preparation for her treatment.  Hope went to her new home that day, made herself comfortable in one of her 4 new beds that were purchased for her, and started her new life as Bella.

Fast forward to 2010, Treatment went well and she is clear of heartworms now.  She has put on quite a bit of weight, and has become a very secure and confident dog.  She loves to ride in the golf cart, still paws at you when she wants to be petted, and loves her family more than anything in this world.   When Michael and Terri inquired about Darcy, one of our newest rescues, we were all so excited that they chose to adopt once again.

Darcy, a 2 year young beagle mix, showed up at the Cookeville Putnam County Animal Shelter.  In an effort to fill our spay/neuter appointments, we ran to the shelter on a Monday morning to pull 2 females that we could get in for surgery that day.  The irony of this is that I originally had pulled two dogs out, put them in the car after getting clearence, but after the shelter staff double checked the paperwork, one of them that I had pulled had a hold on her. We walked back through the kennel runs (it is very hard to pick just one to pull!) and the director pointed at little Darcy and asked if I would take her.  I did a quick temperament test, which she passed with flying colors (SO SWEET!) and she went off to be spayed. 

We know nothing of Darcy’s past….she is very sweet, submissive and fearful of loud noises.  When she first arrived, she would duck and cringe everytime she heard a car go by.  She got over that quickly.  She loves to give hugs and loves to be petted.  She would curl up in your lap or on the couch and never move if it was up to her.  She likes to stand up straight in the air on her back legs…and she holds perfectly still!  She appeared to be housetrained for the most part as well…someone loved this dog at one time, and now she was about to be loved by a wonderful family for the rest of her life. 

There was no long winded application or home visit this time – rather a visit to bring her to them and to reunite with Bella for a bit.  Bella is a bit jealous already, but she likes her new sister.  Bella was sure to tell Darcy, though, that the beds are hers – even the new one that was purchased specifically for Darcy!  Darcy did not mind…she jumped on the couch, curled up with her new Mom and Dad, and started her life as….I believe they are still deciding on a name for her! 

Congratulations and Thank You, Michael and Terri.  We as a group wish that all of our adoptions were this pleasant!

Wally The Wal Mart Dog

So our little Wally Monster is going in to be fixed tomorrow!!!  I expect that anyone who is looking for an awesome personality as their first pre-requisite for adoping a dog will just become smitten with him.  The pup that went from Devil Dog to “Stole My Heart” literally overnight…I just hope that we can find the absolute perfect home for him.  He deserves it!

You can come by PETCO in Cookeville on Saturday and/or Sunday of this week to meet Wally – assuming he is still available for adoption!!

Events at Petco Murfreesboro

We have had some real good success doing adoption events at the PETCO store @ The Avenue in Murfreesboro.  Willie Wells, who is the manager here, invited us to attend and conduct events from this store.  We are in search of foster homes in the Murfreesboro area – real animal lovers who are familiar with veterinarians, services, etc. who are local.  We will not be attending this store on Saturday of this week (3/20) due to obligations in Cookeville.  Please contact Jennifer if you are interested in assisting:  info@aarf-tn.com or (931) 260-8018.

Home Show 2010 a Success

Thanks to all of you who visited with us and/or volunteered with us at the home show March 5-7.  We raised close $150 to help homeless animals throughout the Upper Cumberland!  Thanks SO much to Value Pet Supplies for the donation of 3 gift certificates to be used for door prizes.  The show was a success, and we reached quite a few people throughout our community. 

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