One Year Rescue Transport Statistics

Since we started our rescue transport program, we have had 1,599 animals transported in 12 months. Of these, 1,485 were dogs and 114 were cats. There has been a 95% TOTAL Adoption Rate from receiving groups (that means that only 5% of the pets are still waiting for homes!).
Here’s a video from one of our transports:

Happy Tails for Otto

Michele adopted Otto on September 8, 2012. Michelle says “I went into Petco to get ear medicine for my pug and left with another pug! Otto stole my heart from the beginning. We’ve been a family for almost a year now and it’s been a transition – shortly after adoption, Otto had to to have surgery to correct his breathing and he still has some issues with certain things like many rescues do. However, he is happy and healthy and so, so, so loved. People that do what AARF does are angels on Earth and I am so grateful that AARF brought my sweet little nugget into my life! He has made so much progress in the past ten months and I couldn’t be more proud to be his Momma! :-)”

Happy Tails for Jed

Michelle adopted Jed on April 19, 2012. Jed’s adopted name is now Cage. Michelle says “The minute I saw Cage’s picture on Pet Finder I knew he was the one I was looking for! We drove from MO to TN to pick him up. He’s such a happy, goofy boy. His tail wags nonstop! He loves to sleep on the top cushion of our couch, guess the rest isn’t soft enough for him! Our other rotti loves to swim, so we thought maybe Cage would too. Cage doesn’t get all the way in the pool, just stands on the deck and barks. He falls in the pool several times while doing this, so he has to have a life jacket, but he just gets out and does it all over again! He is such a wonderful being, I can’t imagine why he wasn’t wanted, but he is loved by us more than anything, and he brings us so much joy that I can’t imagine not having him around. He loves to go hiking with us, pretty much anywhere in general, as long as he is with us. He wants to be petted 24/7. Once you start he won’t let you stop! He nudges our arms, stares at our hands or if he is being the lap dog he thinks he is he will adjust his weight on us until we start petting him again! He’s very clever! His favorite food is hot dogs! He only weighed 74 pounds when we got him and now is at a healthy 108. Thank you, AARF, for taking him in and working with me to find a way to get him from TN to MO. I am very grateful to have him in my life.”

Happy Tails for Goober

Tania adopted Goober in June 2012. His new name is Gobi.

Gobi says: hi aarf, especially my foster moms Jennifer and Donna, today is exactly one year since I boarded a van from Tennessee, just a tiny little baby Goober boy, and arrived at my new home in Connecticut. I’ve since become a full grown adult (although mom would argue with that, she says in still pretty silly!). in one year I’ve gone from 8 lbs. to 20+ (mom says I’m a little chunky, but it’s all solid muscle). I’ve made very many friends, folks always smile and hug me, and everyone says I’m the happiest dog they’ve ever seen! all the dogs in the dog park are my friends, even the grumpy and scared ones. I play, run and swim. I’ve licked away tears in neighboring Sandy Hook, where people called me a ‘comfort dog’. mom says I bring a lot of joy to everyone I meet. I think my cats at home really like me, although they try hard not to show it. oh, and my vet knows I don’t like getting on the scary, shiny and slippery examination table, so he gets down on the floor and examines me while I cover him with kisses! life is SO good!!! I want to thank you aarf and my foster moms for saving me, taking care of me, helping me get over my mange and getting me healthy and strong enough to go to my forever home, and live a full and very happy life with my mom who just loves me like crazy!!! xoxo Gobi (fka Goober)

Happy Tails for Johnathan

Jennifer adopted Johnathan February 15th 2012. Johnathan is a very happy and rambunctious boy. He is always into something and is very lovable. We brought him home as a shy boy and today he is anything but. He is such a joy to have in our family.

Happy Tails for Penny


Tracy adopted Penny August 10, 2012 Penny is now called Khloe! Khloe has fit into our family seamlessly. Our bullmastiff puppy, Percy, took to her right away and they have been BFF’s ever since. Our Bichon, who is 12, has learned to love her too. Even though the pictures seem as though they sleep all the time (they definately don’t) but getting a photo of the two rambunctious puppies when they are playing outside is almost impossible! Khloe is a love bug who gives lots and lots of kisses and is learning her basic commands easily. Our family is now complete thanks to A.A.R.F.

Happy Tails for Bob



Kathy adopted Bob Saturday, 12/8/12 from ruff house rescue, NY after AARF saved and transported this dog up north.  Bob is now called Dallas! Very quiet, just loves to be held, it’s a whole new world for this little guy. Thanks for saving him! My kids are thrilled to finally have a dog and Dallas finally has a family!

Happy Tails for Dusty





Ariel adopted Dusty almost a year ago around february 2011 Dusty is now called Rajah! Raj is doing so well here he is very playful and active. He loves to be in the middle of whatever Mommy is doing. Today I was wrapping christmas presents and he kept dropping his toys in the boxes. He earned his new name from his fascination with Aladdin and his complete refusal after a couple days to answer to anything but Rajah.

Happy Tails for Thor



Angela adopted Thor August 2012 Thor is now called Thor! We love Thor!!! He has fit in with our family from day 1. He has learned to sit, stay, and the command come. He loves attention and he is getting spoiled. He has a nightly ritual of wanting me to carry him to his crate at bedtime. He puts his sweet head on my shoulder to cuddle ( I think that he thinks his is a small Yorkie lol). Everyone that meets him talks about how adorable he is and we hear “he looks like that dog from Fraiser” quite a bit. His favorite thing to play is ball, from day 1, we can throw a tennis ball and he will run to get it and bring it back to you. We are very thankful for him!!