White County Animal Control Shelter

A.A.R.F. is proud to announce our newest partnership with White County Animal Control!  They Operate a Shelter at 5600 Gum Springs Mountain Road in Sparta, TN.  Google it….you will never find it otherwise.  Mike, the director, can be reached at 931-510-3604 or 931-761-3647.  Because this is an animal control facility, the staff may be out on a call – so it is recommended that you call before making the trip out.  Mike is very anxious about getting more dogs adopted out of his shelter and saving more lives – AND – a new policy has been implemented that all animals MUST be spayed or neutered prior to adoption.  This is FABULOUS progress for this shelter and this county, and we are so glad to be on board.  All of White County Animal Control Animals can be viewed on our site as well their petfinder site.  Please visit www.whitecountytn.petfinder.com for directions, contact information and to see all of the WONDERFUL dogs available for adoption.


  1. Kym Williams says:

    Hi Mike,
    I volunteered at a small rural shelter in Chester SC that also had a 99% kill rate, and have helped get it down below 30%. I can help you also. Please feel free to contact me. It will cost you nothing. Chester is also a rural shelter in a poor county. I am also on a board of a non-profit here in SC and we are in the process of opening a no-kill quarantine facility that will house dogs on their way to rescues up North!

    Kym Williams

  2. Rowena Cook says:

    Hi! I have a problem with our neighbor’s dog. 3 dogs (bulldog, collie and lab). They keep on coming to our yard and doing their thing here. We just moved here couple of months ago and the previous owner of this house had already complained to the dog’s owner. These dogs slaughtered her chickens. But the owner didn’t do anything. One more thing, when I go out to work in our yard, these dogs would come running to my place and start barking at me. They live in a property with no fence at all and they are always left outside. I don’t want to hurt these dogs but they just bother me. I hope you can help me. Thanks!

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