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Charity is a sweet 5 year young female maltese mix that found in rural white county.  She arrived at the shelter there, and Shelter Manager Ronni Connely called in a panic, asking for assistance.  Charity was transported to us immediately.  Upon evaluation, we confirmed that Charity had chewed part of her leg completely off.    She was covered in matts, had multiple flea and bug colonies living in her coat – but when our director picked her up, she cradled up against her and sighed a big, heavy sigh…as if she knew she was now safe. 

Charity went to see Dr. Parker with Best Friends Veterinary Hospital, where it was determined that the leg was severely infected and most of the leg would need to be removed.  In addition, she would need a complete dental as her teeth were in terrible shape, along with the standard spay protocol that A.A.R.F. has.  Ironically, she was already spayed as discovered by Dr. Parker prior to cutting her open! 

Charity recovered from her surgery and became best friends with the Best Friends Staff!  She is very loveable and sweet, and loves to snuggle against you and be carried around.  A.A.R.F. received our $600+ bill and began fundraising plans to save enough money to pay it. 

Shortly thereafter, the Doctor watched Charity walk for the first time since removing her leg – and her achilles tendon in her other leg is not functioning properly.  We are now trying to determine if it is in Charity’s best interest to have a surgical procedure which “freezes” the tendon in place, or if she should just live out the remainder of her life walking as she does.  The surgery is very expensive and will require a lot of after care.  In addition, she will need a wheelchair to get around (a generous donation offer made by Ann Fisher – “THANK YOU!”). 

But regardless of what is done, we must first raise the funds to pay for the original procedure of $605.00.  If you would like to contribute to Charity’s fund, please click the link below to make your tax deductible donation.  As usual, A.A.R.F. puts every penny received directly towards the animals and their care.  This is by far one of the worst cases we’ve seen, and we need your help to continue saving these lives.

OR – you can drop a donation off at PETCO in Cookeville, TN on Saturday Noon until 6PM.

OR – you can drop a donation off at the Fairfield Glade Arts & Crafts Show in FFG this Saturday and Sunday (5/26-5/27) – Look for the AARF booths!

OR – you can pay on our bill at BEST FRIENDS VETERINARY HOSPITAL in the KROGER Shopping center.

Any amount is appreciated and will help.   You can mail your donations to:

P.O. Box 4074 ~ Cookeville, TN  38502

Or email for more information

A.A.R.F. and Charity Appreciate your support!


  1. Marsha Young says:

    I want to Adopt Charity. A.S.A.P
    I have worried myself sick about her and want to continue her care. I will fill out the Application now. Feel free to call me 931-510-3857

  2. Sandra Carter says:

    Just saw this and even though it is several months old it made me want to help and I just sent a donation in. I hope that little Charity found a good home and is now loved and protected.

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