Parvo Survivors Need Foster Homes

2 days left and many can come out of quarantine and go directly into foster homes…problem is, we need more foster homes to house them all!

10 Pups turned into 21 in an attempt to assist one of our partners in getting their facilities cleaned up and sanitized.  We have lost only 1 of these pups – one that tested positive 4 days prior to her arrival here.  Little Linda fought as hard as she could, but just could not survive this horrible disease. 

We have found foster homes for only 3 of these puppies – and have 1 pre-adopted – we need 16 more placed.  Can you open your home to 1 or 2 even for just 2 weeks to allow them to heal and recover from their precautionary treatment?  We want their immune systems to build just a little bit more before we vaccinate them all with their second vaccine.  After that, we hold them for at least 1 week before we get them spayed or neutered.

Here is what we have:

Labrador Retriever Picture

Natalie – 10 Week Female Feist Mix Female

Labrador Retriever Picture

Kora – 10 Week old Feist Mix Female

Labrador Retriever Picture

Shannon – 12 Week Old Black Lab Mix Female

Yellow Labrador Retriever Picture

Sage – 10 Week Old Yellow Lab Mix Female

Labrador Retriever Picture

James – 12 Week Old Black Lab Mix Male

Border Collie Picture

Sandy – 10 Week Old Border Collie Mix – was just released (1/28) from veterinary hospital.

Airedale Terrier Picture

Jennie – 4-5 Month Young Female Pup – Crate Trained, Submissive, Sweet…Aierdale Terrier Mix

Labrador Retriever Picture

Reece – 16 Week Yellow Lab Mix Female

Border Collie Picture

Johnny – 12 Week Border Collie Mix Male

Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler Picture

Chris – 10 Week Heeler Pup Male

Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler Picture

Karen – 10 Week Female Heeler Pup

Setter Picture

Armondo – 10 Week Setter Mix Pup Male

Terrier Picture

Rhonda – 6 Month Female Feist Mix – Scared – Just now learning to trust…she is going to be an amazing dog!!!

Border Collie Picture

Jonas – 12 Week Border Collie Mix Male

German Shepherd Dog Picture

Christy – Female German Shepherd Mix Pup 10 Weeks

Terrier Picture

Lisa – 9 Week Old Terrier Mix Pup-Female

Email or call for more details about fostering.  (931) 260-8018. Your help is desperately needed!

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