Ruby’s Story

Ruby came to us from a commercial breeding facility – and she is by far one of the most memorable rescues we have done.  Whoever had her really did take good care of her.  She was WELL overweight, she had a VERY personable demeaner about her, and she walked into her foster home and made herself comfortable – right on her foster “brother”s lap!  This 76lb dog weighed about as much as he did!!!  Ruby has about the best personality we have seen on a dog and was a pleasure to take care of.  When Patti contacted AARF and wondered how we could move this dog from TN to NJ, we explained that we move animals all the time up north through P.E.T.S. (  Within a week, Ruby was home in New Jersey living the good life with her brand NEW brothers and sisters!!!  Here is what Ruby’s new family has to say about her:

Ruby is doing well!  The toilet training is also doing well-she seems to now follow her brother & sister’s schedule! Yay! Of course we have all of them on a certain schedule.  The sleeping has also been taken care of & she seems to be fitting in even better!  It’s as if she has lived here longer than she has.  Enjoy her pictures.  Juliana (my 11 yr. old) & Ruby were relaxing on the sofa in the Family Room when Tonka Joe had to see what was going on.  He’s in one of the pictures.  Ruby says hi!


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