Lowell’s Story

Lowell came to AARF as our first cruelty case.  Lowell’s mother, Hope, had long been absued and neglected.  Her owner would allow her to continue to reproduce, and then bury her puppies alive after he found them.  In addition, he would release his very aggressive dog on her who would literally rip her to shreads.  When our source got custody of this animal, she immediately signed her over to us.  She then went back and gathered up all of the puppies – Lowell being one of them – and brought them to us late one night.  Hope needed a lot of work…but the pups…..luckily they never knew the life that she did.  Here is what Lowell’s adopter has to say:

Pierre, previously known as Lowell, has been our baby for since Nov. of 07.  He was a little bundle of fur, but as you can see, he is huge now.  We get compliments on him all the time because of his unusual markings and bright white fur, and his ability to do a howling bark, it is a howl, but in a low barking sound, it is really funny, and his alone, I have never heard a dog do that before.  He is the best dog I have ever had.  He started as an early Christmas gift for my oldest daughter but he is now the family dog, and my son, pictured with him, will argue you down that he is his dog.  His favorite snack is pig ears and home made dog treats, made of cow liver and shaped like cookies.  He is spoiled rotten, but he gives more love and attention then you could imagine.  Including letting the cat kneed dough on his stomach and then sleep on him!!!  I will try to get a picture of that (she was adopted locally and all of our furry family members are fixed).  I just wanted you to know our happy tails, and we will keep you posted as the years pass.  Also, we have a 14 year old dog and when she passes we will definately look first to you guys to adopt a new family member.

Have a great Christmas.
Denise and family

3 kids, 2 dogs and 2 cats

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