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12 January 2010 ~ 0 Comments

Jordy’s Story

Jordy was found abandoned on a golf course in Crossville, TN.  She held out for the family that she chose – and luckily they chose her too!  Here’s Jordy when she first came to us:

Here’s what Jordy’s new family has to say:

We just wanted to email you and say hello, and tell you we were thinking of you. We moved out to Knoxville to be closer to some of our family. Jordy LOVES it out here. She has a big yard, a doggie door that she just runs in and out of constantly, and a very good friend named Bailey. Her favorite new thing is the dog park, where she is the hit of the park, you know little miss social!!

We wanted to tell you that we appreciate all that you do with AARF, and let you know once again what an amazing thing it is that you do. Jordy has made such a difference in our life. We love her so much. She is a huge part of our little family, and we can’t remember what our life was without her anymore. Thank you once again for all you do. Jordy wanted to send you a picture (she can’t use the computer well so I’ll do it), and we’ll send some really cute ones around Halloween (she’s going to a doggie costume contest as a flapper!!). We hope all is well with you and all your doggies!!

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12 January 2010 ~ 0 Comments

Baxter’s Story

Baxter was dumped at our Vet’s office – one look and we all fell in love with him…as did a family in Connecticut who were our first long distance adopters!  Here’s what they have to say:

Well, Baxter has been home for one full week now. He’s doing extremely well, really likes his new home and has fallen into a good daily routine. He is my companion during the day when kids and hubby are away. It’s taken a few days for him to show his personality, but he’s barking now at strangers (instead of cowering) and racing around the house in a puppy frenzy. The kids love it and of course him!  Baxter will soon have a fenced in yard. Until then, we’re taking him out side on a lead every three hours, which seems his limit during the days. He is crated at night and sleeps well throughout the night. He’s also my companion on my morning walk, and knows how to behave on a lead (I was really impressed by this!)

Thank you for everything. We’re a happy family – consider us for a reference if anyone asks for one!

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12 January 2010 ~ 0 Comments

Belle’s Story

Belle came to us after she, her mom, and her siblings were dumped on the side of the road in a box.  This was Belle then:

Here’s what Belle’s new family has to say:

We just wanted to let you know that Belle is adjusting very well in her new home.    She loves our older cat, Glorfy.  She is much more energetic than he is, but he is very patient and loving with her.  She even jumps on his back and rides him like a pony.  It has been several years since we have had a kitten in the house and Belle is reminding us of all the cute and funny things that a kitten does.

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12 January 2010 ~ 0 Comments

Artie’s Story

Artie came to us at two weeks old with his mom – Mama Wiggle Butts – who was our first rescue dog!!  This was Artie then:

This is what Artie’s new family has to say about him:

These pictures are Artie At Christmas when he had to get a hair cut due to his dry skin…. his coat has grown back and looks great!  Thank you again for letting us adopt Artie, we don’t know what we would do without the lil’ guy!

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12 January 2010 ~ 0 Comments

Bobby’s Story

Bobby is a full blooded Boston Terrier that was rescued from our local animal shelter.  His owners surrendered him after claiming that he caused dog fights.  Truth of the matter is, he appeared to be the one that took the brunt of the beatings.  After getting a few checkups and getting his health back in order, we put him up for adoption and found the PERFECT home for this 1/2 blind, somewhat deaf dog with the PERFECT personality around people, children, dogs…and cats???  well….he’s learning…
Dear Jennifer,
We just wanted to thank you again for Bobby.  He is better then I could have ever even dreamed.  He is perfect for us on the road, either sleeping or riding in one of our laps.  When we stop at the truck stops and rest areas he is ready to go play and explore!  The trucks and all their loud noises do not seem to bother him at all. He doesn’t pay them any mind. We even ran into some wild kittens in Greenville Virginia, he looked but as soon as I told him it was time to move on he was right there with me.  He has been to California, Texas, Maryland, and St. Louis so far. He got to stop and visit route 66.  We are getting ready to go to northern California on Monday. Last week he went to the lake on our boat with us.  He spent the day laying in the sun with our friends black lab mix.  He seems to react exactly the same no matter where he is.  I have seen not an ounce of any “dog aggression”.  Nothing seems to bother him.
I think he has accepted that this is his new home.  This morning I was weeding my garden and he just wandered around and slept in the drive way.  He has been to a BBQ, everyone loves him.  he has meet my dads wire hair terrier.  They ran and ran all over my yard.   He again, was perfect.  He is the most mellow dog.  Thank you again.  He is the perfect addition to our family!!
Rob & Chena Morris

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30 December 2009 ~ 0 Comments

Mama Wiggle Butts – Then and Now

Mama Wiggle Butts – a funny name, I know…but seriously, nothing else fit (She LOVES to wiggle her butt). She was our very first dog and came with a lot of baggage; 11 puppies on the physical end, and about a year on the streets suffering from abuse, neglect and hunger on the emotional end. She did not trust a soul – was very aloof, and would bond quicker with a dog than a human. We worked with Mama for weeks, and FINALLY she came around. This is Mama a few weeks after we took her in:

If you could see her now, you would never believe that she was the same dog. She learned quickly to follow the rules – and became our behavioral dog to test other animals’ temperaments since she was so easy to get along with. We tried a lot of tricks, but she was stubborn…she liked to hear us all laugh, so one day when she was sitting on the couch, she fell onto the cusions – falling straight back! Of course we all laughed, and she got up and did it again. We called it “Dramamine” and until the day she left us, she would still do the same thing – just for a laugh.

It took almost two years to find Mama the right home. A few had wanted her, but interview verifications always raised red flags and the decision was always made to deny the adoption. She was our only concern – and we knew in our hearts that one day someone would come along that would love her as much as we do.

Mandy emailed us, explaining that she wanted to rescue a dog that needed a real good home. She looked at EVERY dog we had in the program – the big ones, smaller ones, prettier ones, and not-so-pretty-ones. We liked her immediately, and thought of Mama. After telling Mandy Mama’s full story, Mandy requested a meeting. Here is what Mandy has to say now:

We have had Mama Wiggle Butts for about 3 weeks now. She is so awesome and we love her so much! AARF is an amazing organization with amazing people. These people care so much for the well being of their animals. I’m so thankful that they trusted me to be a good mommy to their very first rescue dog! Mama has been such a joy in our life. She has made several neighborhood doggie friends along with her new best friend Teddy, a bichon . We have a houseful of girls and each one of us adores Mama. She loves to go on walks around the neighborhood, and is really good with the leash. Nothing beats a car ride though. Every time we open the door she runs straight to the car! I encourage everyone to work with AARF. It’s awesome to own a pet in general, but for me it was so rewarding to help this dog that really needed a loving family to take care of her. Mama is doing so well! Thanks for everything.


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