Happy Tails for Jed

Michelle adopted Jed on April 19, 2012. Jed’s adopted name is now Cage. Michelle says “The minute I saw Cage’s picture on Pet Finder I knew he was the one I was looking for! We drove from MO to TN to pick him up. He’s such a happy, goofy boy. His tail wags nonstop! He loves to sleep on the top cushion of our couch, guess the rest isn’t soft enough for him! Our other rotti loves to swim, so we thought maybe Cage would too. Cage doesn’t get all the way in the pool, just stands on the deck and barks. He falls in the pool several times while doing this, so he has to have a life jacket, but he just gets out and does it all over again! He is such a wonderful being, I can’t imagine why he wasn’t wanted, but he is loved by us more than anything, and he brings us so much joy that I can’t imagine not having him around. He loves to go hiking with us, pretty much anywhere in general, as long as he is with us. He wants to be petted 24/7. Once you start he won’t let you stop! He nudges our arms, stares at our hands or if he is being the lap dog he thinks he is he will adjust his weight on us until we start petting him again! He’s very clever! His favorite food is hot dogs! He only weighed 74 pounds when we got him and now is at a healthy 108. Thank you, AARF, for taking him in and working with me to find a way to get him from TN to MO. I am very grateful to have him in my life.”

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