Happy Tails from Tiffany





Tiffany adopted Lilly11/3/2012 .  Tiffany’s new name is now Blondie.  My husband had been wanting another dog since we had lost our lil girl doxie 6 months before. I wasnt ready and I looked at other rescues and he would send me pictures of dogs daily. One day while at home I noticed Bolt just sitting there playing all alone. I figured it was time ….So I started checking out places and when I got to Lilly(Now Blondie) a lab doxi mix I stopped to read her story: Blondie was found abandoned on the side of the road, naked and hairless from mange and suffering from parasites and malnutrition. The person who found her thought she would never recover so they brought her to the vet to be put down. The vet was going to, but then Blondie looked up into her eyes and wagged her little tail. At that moment, the vet knew that Blondie was going to fight to recover. A kind foster home has took Blondie in after the vet got her mostly healthy. She has regained her hair and her life! Once I was done I called my husband and sent him the link to check her out. He fell in love with her. I emailed aarf to see if she was available and to set up a time to see Bolts reactions. Everything was great! She was nervous the first day. We took her to meet family and they loved her too… got a bit spoiled since they had a cookout. Lots of hand outs were given and her grandpa loves his new grandpuppy 🙂 she has now been with us for several months and I dont see how we lived with out the lil stinker. She does great in the car and is rarely nervous.. unless she sees the vacuum. Thank you aarf for helping us find our forever bit of sunshine Blondie.

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