Happy Tails from Lauren



Lauren adopted Abby & Cameron in August 2010.  Abby and Cameron are now known as Abby and Gideon.  Abby and Gideon are doing so well! They’ve made my little one bedroom apartment my home and continue to give me all the stories my friends can stand! They’ve grown so much! Especially Gideon. He’s very calm and very into yumz time. He makes me check his food bowl everytime I come home. As soon as I say something like, “You’ve got food” or “I see your food!” he’ll go back to napping. It’s so cute. Abby is a fireball. She’s energetic and generally all over the place! She’s the cat to blame when something falls because she’s always so curious. Sweet in her own way, Abby has her meaness in her, but she’s worth it (or so I tell myself when I’m bandaging a fresh scratch). All in all I’m very happy with my furry children and love that AARF brought us together.

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