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Happy Tails For Winnie

When did you adopt your pet from AARF?: 09/20/19
Pet’s AARF Name: Winnie
Pet’s New Name (if you changed it): Dixie
How is your adopted pet doing? Dixie is doing great! Full of energy, but surprisingly calm mannered too. Potty training is going well, still has a few accidents but she’s learned where to go and goes on command now when told. She’s learned “go potty”, “sit” and is learning “stay”. She made herself at home within a couple days of being at our home, and has become a very loved part of the family! Our cat wasn’t happy about her the first week but they are playing together now, only when the cat says so, of course. Kids love her, especially my 8 yr old son. They go play outside together every day and wear each other out. Dixie has already been camping with us and did great. She just finished her puppy shots this week at the vet and is healthy. Very happy she became a part of out family.

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