Getting to know the baby! (Born in May)

Happy Tails For Mika

When did you adopt your pet from AARF?: October 2016
Pet’s AARF Name: Mika
Pet’s New Name (if you changed it): Mila
How is your adopted pet doing? When Mila first came to our home she was a sad, scared little thing! Any loud sound would send her running to hide and when my then 4 year old daughter was in the room she would go hide in another room. We were worried that she would never be happy with us. She developed a strong bond with our other doing, Mater (8 year old min pin mix), and slowly started to come around. We enrolled her in dog training and with a little love and a little patience she has become the perfect dog for us. She went from being terrified of my daughter to snuggling her on the couch and playing tug of war and fetch with her until she falls over with exhaustion (side note here; she was also terrified of toys… Almost like she thought she would be on trouble for chewing them). She is so loyal and living now and no longer seems afraid!
We are so happy to have Mila in our family.

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