Just Digging!

Happy Tails For Mako

When did you adopt your pet from AARF?: 2/16/2018
Pet’s AARF Name: Mako
Pet’s New Name (if you changed it): Murphy
How is your adopted pet doing? We are delighted with Mako, who has been renamed Murphy. We now have Muffin, Max, and Murphy. They all get along really well. Murphy is quite the live wire, and so noisy!

He and our little Muffin (3 year old terrier ) wrestle and chase each other constantly. Max, the other husky, is eleven. He and Murphy seem to have an understanding – no wrestling, but Max seems to be livelier than he was before Murphy came.

I’ve attached a couple of photos. One of him with his brother Max, relaxing on the side deck. The other one shows that he has been digging, again. I think he got his legs washed three or four times that day, but he seems to have given that pastime up and is now chewing all the water dishes that are out on the deck. We bought a new heavy duty one at the Tractor Supply Store yesterday thinking he wouldn’t be able to destroy it, and he is already chewing off the rim. We’ve got a new plan we will put into effect next week.

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