Happy Tails For Luttrell

When did you adopt your pet from AARF?: December 2017
Pet’s AARF Name: Luttrell
Pet’s New Name (if you changed it): Batly
How is your adopted pet doing? Oh wow, he didn’t respond to “Luttrell” so we decided to change his name. Batly, was a vampire on a 1990’s cartoon and he responded to that name so it stuck. He is the boss of the house. He is a typical cat. I have never purposely got a cat before as I have always been afraid of them. But decided to get a cat because they can stay in the house all the time (we live too close to a road to get a dog). I love this cat. I am not afraid of him although he makes me bleed on a very frequent basis when we play. I don’t yell at him or hit him (that is so mean) just tell him no and stop playing with him when he scratches too hard. I assume it is because he is young and he will outgrow it.
He sleeps on MY soft throw blanket at the foot of the bed at night and likes to lay on it in the living room at other times. He doesn’t like his “cat” bed. A few times he has come up to the head of the bed but won’t let me touch him, he simply puts one paw on my arm and lies there. It’s sweet really.
He won’t eat canned cat food that I thought would be a treat for him. He just wants Meow Mix or the Petco kind.
I was afraid he would use my houseplants as his litter box but thankfully he has not. I lined them with aluminum foil as an initial deterrent instead of waiting for him to do it and then trying to resolve the issue. He uses the litter box but doesn’t like when I clean it daily. He actually tries to get in it while I’m cleaning it and always leaves a prize in there immediately after I clean it. I guess he is marking it “his”. He has seemingly gotten attached to me and wants to be in the same room as I am all the time. IF I shut a door he sits outside of it and meows loudly, we call it crying. He always greets me at the door when I get home from work and wants my undivided attention for a minute or two then he wants down. He only lets you pet him when he wants to be petted. He is growing like a weed and is pretty much a good kitty (except he plays way too rough). We are glad to have him.

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