Happy Tails For Loki

When did you adopt your pet from AARF?: 6/16/19
Pet’s AARF Name: Loki
Pet’s New Name (if you changed it): Rufio aka “Ru”
How is your adopted pet doing? Ru is thriving! He loves to run and play with us in our yard and with our neighbors’ dogs. He has done well having my family visit for a weekend with their two dogs. He romps at the dog park. He has been hiking with us on trails, both on and off leash. My husband takes him for a 2-3 mile run each morning to start his day off with activity. He then gets about four more intentional walks the rest of the day, but also lots of free time to play with us in our basement and yard. Whenever we pick up his leash, he starts wiggling around and smiling! We have since adopted two cats and they are best friends with Ru. We leave them out all together and they play like buds. Finally, Ru also loves to snuggle and he will really lean into you or your legs if you start rubbing his head or shoulders. He also loves being brushed (but not bathed haha)! We have not had ANY problems with him. Ru is a dream come true!

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