Front door greeter

Happy Tails For Dexter

When did you adopt your pet from AARF?: a month ago
Pet’s AARF Name: Dexter
Pet’s New Name (if you changed it): Dexter
How is your adopted pet doing? Dexter settled into his new environment immediately. On any day one can view the home floors with stuffed toys throughout the home and backyard. His favorite activity is to spend time investigating the ‘dog proof’ half acre of backyard with grass and plantings. In addition, he has become the official greeter by welcoming visitors as he views them from the front door sidelight. Several times per day he requests to go outside and play as long as he is accompanied by my wife or me. His favorite trick, besides walking on his back legs, is to jump over our 15 year old Golden rescue, without touching her. Sleeping in the master bed fulfills his night time desire and the center pillow has become his private spot. Being retired we spend many hours reading or watching TV and Dexter maintains his own cushion on the sofa. His youth and vigor is refreshing!

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