Happy Tails For "Chessie"

When did you adopt your pet from AARF?: April 2019
Pet’s AARF Name: “Chessie”
Pet’s New Name (if you changed it): Soot
How is your adopted pet doing? She is integrating well with her new older sister, Leia! They sleep on the same cat tree, on different levels. Leia is still young herself, but she’s old enough to feel maternal toward Soot. Her favorite thing to do is lay on Soot and groom her. She lets Soot steal her toys, but whines about it to us. We joke that they’re like Nani and Lilo from Lilo & Stitch!
Each cat has a favorite lap. Soot will insist on being held like a baby by me, and Leia chills by the window with Killian.

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