Happy Tails For Callie

When did you adopt your pet from AARF?: beginning of April 2019
Pet’s AARF Name: Callie
Pet’s New Name (if you changed it): Callie Grace
How is your adopted pet doing? Callie is super awesome! We all love her. She goes with us to our shop when we have work to do. She goes for walks in the neighborhood. She is spending time at Grammy and Pap's house when we have to work long days and can't take her with us, but she doesn't mind because she gets to play with her puppy friends there. She also figured out how to unlock the kennel. Little stinker. The only issues we have had with her is if she doesn't get let out on time she will pee on the floor. Trying to stay on that. She also got really sick the 3rd week we had her, but that was a bad bag of dog food. We changed it, and she's back to her self. She's so loving and precious. I didn't think my dad was going to let us bring her home from his house. They really like each other. So in all I think she's really happy here, and once she realizes this is home forever she'll get over that separation anxiety. We just absolutely love her. I'm not sure why someone gave her up, but maybe it was because she was meant to be with us!

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